Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Andrea's Birthday

Andrea joined the 30 club this week. She sure has some amazing friends because Jana, Shiloh and Kacie planned her an entire day of fun!!! It ended at Reata where we all went to celebrate. I have decided after this outing I just love Ft. Worth. Dallas can be so uppity and sometimes I need a dose of my West Texas friendliness... and I felt it that night!!! After dinner Nick and I decided to walk around the Arts Festival instead of go dancing with everyone so we were walking when a girl handed us two free tickets to a skybox to listen to music!!! We sat and enjoyed some live music!!! What a fun night with amazing friends!!!

All the gals - Shiloh, Kacie, Kristen, Andrea, Amy, Kerri, Ashley & Jana

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brenham Family Reunion

We headed to Brenham to Nick's mother's side's family reunion this weekend. It was beautiful down there. With beauty comes lots of allergies. The wind was insane so we mostly sat inside except a trip to take the dogs to the pond and on a walk to see the longhorns. I cooked sopapilla cheesecake for dessert. All of it was gone so I didn't have leftovers for the week. Winning!!!

We all went to the Bluebonnet Festival for a little shopping. Each year Dianne buys all of us girls a piece of jewelry. She got me a beautiful necklace. Nick got me a cross for our anniversary coming up. Dad made me a cross when I went home so I now have two I need to hang up! I need to create a bigger cross wall... I have five up there right now... Anyway, so we walked around and had a good time there. The weather was sort of getting bad at that time, windy and spitting rain.

Nick's aunt and uncle were in from Colorado and I enjoy talking to them, too. Dianne's sister, Karen and her husband came from Houston. The three sisters are hilarious together (Dianne's fourth sister lives in Hawaii and didn't get to come)... We didn't get enough time to talk really, but I guess you never do with family. I explained to them since I was an only child growing up I became just obsessed with family... I have never taken it for granted, even before Mom passed, I have always loved being with family. I know how important it is. At times I miss reunions, but I adore our Adams and Corn family.

I told Nick we need to move to a farm and he'd figure out how to plow and I'll feed the chickens and make the cows my pets. It was just beyond peaceful out there. He asked how he would farm. I don't know much about it so I told him he could just get out there and handpick the cotton. Then he could plant some crops and mow over them with a plow. I'm sure that's how farming is done, right?!!! He told me I'm not a country girl because I wore sandals on our walk down the rocky dirt road. Wait, I'm so not a city girl either. There has to be a happy medium.

Enjoy times with family. Whether blood or bond, family is the most important thing in our lives.

"Nick, take off your hat and glasses right now. Right now!!!" Fail. He wore his hat in the pictures as kind of a joke because I told him Tony Romo did that in his first family photo and I would have told Romo to take it off!!!

So beautiful. They were sweet, but I didn't get too close. We also went down to look at the cutting horses next door. They come right up to the fence.

Everyone in this family has some sort of lab, golden retriever, mix of those things, etc... They run themselves until they just fall over sleepy when they are out in the boonies... In these photos are: Bentley David, Boston, Bea, Shiner, BJ, Remi & Hershey.

Stephanie & Renee are sisters. Steph lives in Guam with her husband so it was great to see her! We also love Renee, but she doesn't have Facebook so we have to stalk her the old timey ways ;)!!!

Nick's grandmother, Granny Merle is a hoot. She just got high speed Internet so I got warned not to send her things over 6 gigabytes. She is really cool with her techno talk. She also told us she doesn't wear thongs... or in her words: crotch rubbers. She said some guy on "Dancing With The Stars" could eat crackers in her bed any day. We just love her.