Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bridesmaids' Bridal Shower

Wendy, Stephanie, Julie, Sarah, Andrea, Jana

The tsunami of wedding showers happily rains over us. We have had three showers and have one more at the end of June! This one was thrown by four of my bridesmaids and another best friend, Wendy, Jana, Andrea, Stephanie and Sarah. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by love. Wendy hired two of my friends as photographers so we shall let the pictures tell the story.

Jana, Steph, Andrea, Jes, Paige, Kacie, Wendy

Jessica, Julie, Paige
Destinee, Kim, Gayle

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Big Spring Bridal Shower Festivities

Our trip to Midland and Big Spring was such a whirlwind it flew by like a tornado. Saturday morning we loaded up to head to Big Spring for my shower. I took Nick to play golf at the Country Club with Cody and Michael. They would entertain him while I had fun at my shower! First off, it's always strange to be back in my neighborhood. As I dropped Nick off at Cody's parent's house, I just looked around. It all seemed so different. My old house looked about the same and I wanted to just go on in and ask to look around. Memories kept knocking me in the face. It's funny that when you are not attached to the place in physical presence, you sort of fall away from the memories. It's like a shield. As I drove to the church they kept sprouting up. Oh, the memories, are all wonderful, so it's a welcome thing!

The shower was hosted by my Matrons of Honor (Chandra & Stephanie), Cody's mom and Mom's old teacher friends. It was beyond amazing to be with all of them. I had family come as far as from Brownfield and Lamesa. That just warmed my heart. Brenda got to meet some of the teachers which was very special. My old friends, Keele and Heddy were there, too! I could go down the list, but it was so amazing to be surrounded by such love. All of those women have had such an impact in my life. They probably don't even realize. My mother always told stories of her teacher friends and talked about them so I hold so much respect for them. My 13-year old cousin, D'Layna is very special to me and is in my wedding, well, the girl is now 5'5... oh man! She is a beautiful girl inside and out. I cannot put into words how much that shower meant to me.

After the shower Stephanie, Kristy and I headed to the golf course to meet Michael, Cody and Nick. We sat on the patio and just talked for a bit. We had a really nice time. None of the guys had known one another. Cody, Steph and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. Nick and I then went to Rockys because Kristy and him had never been. They were not impressed with our iconic Rockys. Then we all went to Allan's Furniture because he gives great deals for amazing things. I think we found us two chase loungers! We parted ways and Nick and I headed out to Chandra's house to hang with her and her Michael. We sat on the back patio with them, her mom and Landry. Landry just kept us totally entertained, just too adorable. We had a great time as they live in the middle of nowhere and it was such a lovely day. It was just a priceless time. So after this Nick and I headed back to Midland to eat dinner and go to the play with Dad and Brenda. We had a really good time and enjoyed the play.

Nick and I got up to cook Mother's Day breakfast Sunday for Brenda. We whipped up a little breakfast and then just all sat outside enjoying the morning. We hit the road by about 11, and I got bitten by a mean tummy bug. It was a tough ride home!

The weekend was jam packed with love, I will say that. Man, oh man.

Hostesses: Chandra McBee Brooks, Brenda Gainey, Stephanie Piercefield, Robin Ritchey, Gail Berringer, Tammy DePauw, Sarah Roberson, Jessica Rubio, Linda Battle, Judy T & Vicki Stewart

Happy Landry
Chandra, Landry

Heddy, Me, Layna & Chandra
Keele & Kyryn
Brenda embroidered me an awesome apron!
She's very strong!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dive In

They say marriage is called taking the dive. I can see it. It feels as if you are on this high dive and everyone is swimming below. They want you to join, but taking the dive is scary. The waters are unknown. Will people treat me differently? Will I be a good swimmer? What if I fall really hard and the water knocks the breath out of me? I simply don't like change. It's just that. I know happiness scares me. When I am on top of the world, I am scared to death because what happens when something bad happens. What if when you are happy, bad things happen to you? It's so funny to me. I battle with myself to just let myself have fun, don't worry about those bad things. They will happen sometime. Just enjoy it! You see, we have three wedding showers in a row, and there are so many people showering us with love. I am just in awe they would love us that much. I have to just chill out and enjoy it! I guess we all train ourselves to be humble, but we must realize love is okay! We can feel loved and it's just amazing. I remember when I first got out of college and was reporting in Abilene. I remember just loving the new job and the new life journey and then I was paralyzed with fear at my happiness. I wasn't sure if it was okay to feel happy. Then I decided it just was, and yes, bad things do happen and did happen over the years, but it's just a battle we probably all fight within ourselves. Just love it and enjoy it. I am loving being engaged and I do look forward to jumping off that high dive. In my mind, Nick and I have been married for years. We've gone through many things and held on and just shared life together. We always say the wedding is a show and the marriage is the serious part. We will be living together when married so, yes, that changes, but our core does not. We have the same base and we are the same people... diving in! 

These are pictures from our first shower - A Couples Shower hosted by the Teter and Bennett family at the Teters. Dad and Brenda even flew in! We had such a wonderful time. We got some great gifts, too, including a Dyson and a hammock! We were truly surrounded by love. Off to Big Spring for another shower this weekend! Yay!!!

Jim and the Bennetts

Nick and his godfather
Kristy, Karen, Jules

Nick, Libby, Justin, Jenna

Dad & Granny

Jenna, Libby, Julie & Brenda

Erichson, Karen, Julie, Cody, Kristy

Dad & Brenda

Ready for the pinata

Cody & Julie

Nick & Me