Monday, September 29, 2008


Lindsey is having her double mastectomy tomorrow. I wrote her some words of encouragement, but really words are meaningless. I told her that this was her way to change the world. She's only 25 so she has such a message. She is so upbeat and Christian about it all. I told her in "Why I Wore Lipstick to my Mastectomy" the woman did whatever made her feel fierce. Lindsey says she is going to put on make up before she is wheeled in that room... just to make her feel good. When Lindsey was young a preacher told her she was destined for great things. She is so blunt, serious and a warrior. We thought it was missionary work. I told her maybe this is the fight to change the world. This is the beginning of the rest of her life. It's not simple, but it's godly in a sense. She has her wonderful new husband standing by her side, even wig shopping with her. She has her family right there. And she has all of us just praying in the wings. We don't choose many of our battles. We are all fighting a harder battle than the other. I tell Lindsey it's the way you handle the storm. It's either a blizzard covering your world in a fog or it's a storm passing by for a short while. Bitter or better... one letter makes all the difference.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dinner with the Grays

We went to Nick's parents for dinner tonight. It was such a nice treat. I can sit and talk to his parents for hours. It makes me laugh that his mother and I are the odd ones out between his dad, his brother, his best friend and Nick. It was so nice to have another woman to understand when they annoy me about football and meat. I get very tired of hearing about it. They did let me watch "Desperate Housewives" though! Nick was in a horrid mood after the Cowboys lost so we sat in silence most of the way driving to his parents' house! He is so lucky to have them nearby. They are building their dream house in Ruidoso and will move soon though. I LOVE going to visit my Dad and Brenda. It is one of the best times to just chill out and enjoy the company. Before we left I sat outside watching Nick and his brother play basketball. A big grin came across my face. This was my heaven. I really enjoy just being in good company with good people. Don't get me wrong though... if I have to hear about football, hamburgers or cars one more time I might become a nun.

Designer Jeans

I must say it annoys me to just have to buy designer jeans. I will never be the gal that can wear Levis! Maybe I am just a snob, but inexpensive brands don't seem to fit right. I have this thing where I like my jeans to be thin material, very long and also stretchy! Yesterday I went to TJ Maxx because they have a designer section. I walked out with a pair of Seven jeans - still for $100!!! Of course the Paper Denim ones for 50 just didn't work! My friend has this GREAT boutique in Longview called The Denim Lounge where she sells them for as inexpensive as she can - one time I modeled for her in a show so she gave me a pair of Antiks for free!!! My Dad forced me to buy a pair at American Eagle trying to prove a point to me... Well, I hate them. They aren't stretchy and they make me look fat. I am built really weird and I like my jeans to not make me look fat! My good friend put a pair on Craig's List of Rock and Republic for $50 and I quickly scooped them up... I think all my friends should sell me their jeans :)!!! I'm just annoyed that I have to spend so much money for jeans! Why can men go to Wal Mart and be happy and I cannot?!! Oh well... atleast people on the street will think I am rich. My obsession with clothing may be the death of me!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Plano Football

I was a true Texan last night. I joined the bandwagon of attending high school football. I have covered many games when I was in news. I would go every Friday night to get footbal highlights. I loved stepping back into the world of high school. I remember going to every game since I was a little girl. I loved the band's rockout... and then as I got older we would go on dates to games! I had my FIRST KISS with Jordan Partee at a Steer football game in fifth grade! It was such a social event as I never watched the games really! My mother sat across in the stands and would watch me with her binoculars, too!!! Last night we attended the Plano vs. Plano East game with Melissa and Curtis. I wanted to see Melissa's little sister cheer and Nick wanted to watch Plano's team. It was a lot of fun. Plano blew them out of the water! I really enjoyed a good time with good friends. I still don't think anyone can beat the feel of a Big Spring Steer game!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My friend has breast cancer. At age 25.

My friend has breast cancer. At age 25.

They caught it early and we believe everything is going to be just fine, but it is such a young age to have breast cancer. Lindsey and Brian just got married in June, too. I see God's work through this already... Lindsey is facing a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy in the upcoming weeks. It sickens me to write. But, she holds steadily to God's hand and uses that strength to pull her through.

We always sort of joke about how Lindsey and Brian were always friends in our crowd of people in Tyler. They suddenly started dating and within three weeks were engaged. We were all in awe. They were married in June. I see now through my questioning how if their relationship didn't progress so quickly they wouldn't be able to deal with this obstacle as a married couple. We just never know God's reasoning... Lindsey is one of the strongest women I have met in my life. She is very blunt, honest and amazing.

I don't understand how a 1.3 centimeter piece of cancer can be found... It just amazes me... It is such an eye opener for all of us just living our lives never thinking we could be the ones with breast cancer. That is such a tiny tumor... with a powerful punch. A punch that will send her in for surgery and weeks of chemo. I really hate cancer. I just want to kill it. It has taken so many people away from me and I just HATE it.

I lift Lindsey up in prayer as I know she is such a strong, Christian woman. All we can do now is wait for God to pull us through.

Friday, September 19, 2008

KD Alumni Night

Everyone knows there is not much more I love better than time with old friends. Last night I attended my first ever Kappa Delta alumni gathering. We went to an alumni's house in Dallas for wine and cheese. I only knew Anna, Brittney, Paige and Taylor when I walked in the house. I ended up leaving with many new friends. One group of women we spoke with were SMU alumns who were pledge sisters back in the 70s! It was so neat to see them still standing there together in friendship.

One funny part of the night was getting to chat it up with Alane Hall. Back in my day at Tech Alane was very scary to us. She was a national officer and very high up in the sorority branch. She was like a mother to us. We prepared for days upon meeting with her and we would send in all of our reports to her. It warms my heart to now speak to her like an old friend. She is very inspirational to me.

Many of those women standing in that room were inspirational to me. We all have a common bond, yet some of us are strangers. It was also a great networking opportunity to talk to everyone about what they do and how they got to that position. I've been climbing that ladder since I graduated college. It made me laugh when one of the SMU women asked us all what we were doing now because she wanted to ensure herself there was light at the end of the tunnel for her freshman daughter! I told her all freshmen seem to have low GPAs because it's pure freedom... then you realize you may want to actually get some good grades in order to clench a job in a world of sharks. My my... college was such a pool of security. We were merely fishies.

I always enjoy time with Paige. Paige and I quickly became friends her freshman year. I took her under my wing and she tells everyone I am her mother. I have watched her grow up... and believe me, she had to grow from that bratty only child I knew... wait, I was a bratty only child, too, so we are a perfect fit.

I look forward to a future working with KD alumnae. It will always be a part of me. I will grow and change, but it's something that I will always cherish and will always be running through my blood.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bridesmaids Extravaganza

So Hurricane Ike didn't hurt my weekend. It messed up my perfect hair, but not my good times.

My best friend since I was three years old came into town for a bridesmaid weekend. Chandra has eight bridesmaids, but due to the weather it ended up being only me, Hayley, Leslie and Tonia! We had to be fitted for our dresses Saturday morning. They are gorgeous - this persimmon color with green trim. I love them. Seeing Chandra fitted for her gown was amazing. I can remember back to her first boyfriend so it almost brought a tear to my eye. She's so beautiful.

The rain stopped us from attending GrapeFest so we just went to the Gaylord Texan and watched football and hung out. I drank a wedding cake martini... awww... yummilicious. We had such a nice time.

Then it was time for Cody and Blair's housewarming party. It was the time when all of our high school friends get together. We walked into see Justin Dille standing there! He flew in from New York!!! Then Zac and Jordan came in as they were going to the Cowboys game so it was great to see them. Lauren, Brittany, Trev... my high school pals were there as well with us. It was also very refreshing as I love the Rubio clan - Cody's family came from all around for the Cowboys game. I grew up next door to Cody and he is my best friend in the whole world of men so his family is mine! They are hilarious - so close... all his uncles and his aunt were there!

Chandra McBee; Lauren Fraser; Hayley Knox; Brittany Roberson Brock

I looked around the room at my friends. I have known Lauren, Brittany, Chandra, Cody since we were practically born. Hayley, Blair and Dille came in the teenage years to BSHS!!! It is such a warm feeling to be surrounded by people you have loved for that long. We played, watched the Tech SMU game and just hung out. It was a Kodak moment of my life.

Brittany - We have known one another since we were born. Our mothers taught together. Brittany and Lance were together since fifth grade when I set them up. He was the Quarterback and she the Head Cheerleader in high school. They got married last year. We have both endured losing a parent... She was also my roommate at Tech.

Lauren - One of my favorite people in the world. She's a UT lady and I'm a Raider, but we still get along. She lives in Dallas, too!

Cody - This is my best man friend in the world. He's pretty much my brother. We grew up next door to one another. I love him so much!
Chandra hates that I take so many pictures so she messes them up!
Dille flew in from New York! We haven't seen him since freshman year at Tech!

This is my fake smile. I was sleepy by this time! Brittany and I enjoyed a chat!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Slumber Parties

My age is starting to show. I am an old woman.

My best friend, Chandra is coming in town this weekend to get all of her bridesmaids together. She decided it'd be neat if we all stayed together. At first she had us two hotel rooms... then she decided since our friend, Hayley just bought a house it would be fun to all stay there. This is where my age hits.

Chandra and I have been having sleepovers since we were in kindergarten. Some of the girls there including Hayley and Sarah have had slumber parties with us since middle school. We all sprawled on the floor in our sleeping bags, stayed up half the night laughing... and hit the day with full force in the morning. We're accustomed to the slumber party time. In high school even my group thought it was so cool to all get together for slumber parties every weekend. But, the first thing that came out of my mouth when Chandra said we would all stay at Hayley's?... "Well, are there going to be enough beds?!"

So she goes into the rundown of this bed and that bed... oh, and two air mattresses. Me: "Oh, I will NOT sleep on an air mattress. I won't sleep well and I'll be tired the next day." Okay... yes, I do camp and yes, I do sleep in random places when I just have to... but, the point is not that I am high maintenance... the point... I am old.

I don't remember at what age it wasn't cool to sleep on the floor next to my best friends. I don't remember when I didn't get a good night's sleep. I do remember camping last year on the ground on top of rocks. I didn't feel so great the next day. I remember in college a few times when we'd all get together and sprawl across the house... usually in pull out beds.

Even our idea of a good time is getting old... Chandra and Hayley were some of the wildest and fun college ladies around... now, we want to have a glass of wine and share a little laughter before bed. I really do love that part of us. I was always old in spirit somehow... I think it was my mother's influence! I enjoy a nice night out at the bar when I really plan for it, but I'd much rather be cuddled up at home with a good movie.

So this weekend we will all come together for our best friend in celebration of her upcoming nuptials. We will probably tell stories of those slumber parties back in the 80s when we would toilet paper Lance Brock's house... and we may stay up a little too late and be forced to put some sort of creme under our eyes to fight the darkness... It will probably be one of the best times of our lives. I just know I better not be sleeping on a deflating air mattress.

Old days slumber parties with Hayley, Sarah & Chandra --

Chandra, Sarah and I in the middle - 6th Grade Slumber Party at Ava Martin's

Hayley, Sarah, Me and Chandra - 7th Grade Birthday Slumber Party
Me, Sarah and the girls - Slumber Party 1998Chandra, Me - 5th Grade Slumber Party

Sarah, Me - High School Slumber Party at Lauren Fraser's

Sarah, Chandra, Me - Slumber Party 1999

Monday, September 8, 2008

Iron Crosses

The weekend flew by as it was stuffed with so much activity.

Friday not too much exciting... we went to Matt's and hung out with Ashton and Donna because they came in town for a concert. Nick had been in Ruidoso all week and he brought me back the most beautiful iron cross. He said, "You love Jesus so I figured you'd love this." Yes, so romantic... right... It is handmade by an Indian, he said... I hung it on my cross wall and I just stare at its beauty. It is so heavy, so pure and so lovely.

Saturday Anna, Kathryn, Andrea and I layed out all day. It felt great. Then Saturday night was Matt's birthday bash. It was a really fun time. There was a small group of us that went to Nick's and just hung out in the backyard enjoying life. It seems simple, but we had a total blast. Those are the most fun times of my life just sitting back and enjoying good friends.

Andrea and I wanted to try the 5 PM church service at Watermark... and we also slept in way too late... so Sunday we layed out all day yet again then attended church. I really enjoyed going at that time. Usually Watermark is so huge that you feel like an ant. This time it was much more intimate. The sermon was on marriage so I didn't really fit it, but I did learn a few things about relationships in general.

Football truly began this weekend so Nick's life revolved around the television. I'm sure I'll get into some games, but it still doesn't feel like football season to me quite yet. It was back to the grind today at work. I had an audition this week to host an Internet show that will be filmed at night. We shall see how it goes. Auditions come and go... Barbara Walters says we are always auditioning.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Kacie's Engagement Celebration

Last night we celebrated Kacie Rowland's engagement at Kona Grill. There were so many of us there - such a blast. I met Kacie years ago in college when she cheered with Jana. I had no idea we'd all be friends today. Last night it was mainly old Tech cheerleaders and Kacie's new round of pals from her church. It was so fun to meet and greet new people. It's funny because we have been out of school four years, but we somehow still have that Tech spirit. Or maybe it is just growing for me... in college I was a little too obsessed with sorority life... Kacie is getting married the exact same place as Chandra... Delaney Vineyards... a day before my birthday in January... and she bought her dress the same place as Chandra! Crazy! She was so thrilled and shined with excitement as she told us her engagement story. It made me just smile to see someone so filled with love and happiness.

I've had a long week and I'm so ready for the weekend. This was the first week I busted out my blazers. My mind wants to think it is Fall. Kristen and Matt broke up this week so it's been a bit weird. Weird because I got them together and weird because it was somehow comforting to know there was always another girl with all the boys when we hung out. I think it's for the best, but it also puts me in a weird position as a friend to both of them. I don't enjoy break-ups.

I ate way too much last night. I think I have a food hangover.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Luxury

I just watched the new 90210. I'm not excited about it. I'm going to rip the head off of my Donna and Brenda doll now.

Labor Day weekend was amazzzzzing. I wanted to bask in every moment.

It started with Nick's Dad's retirement party. I didn't get to stay long, but I got to meet his grandmother and hang out with all of the family. Later that night I went to dinner with my friends from high school. It was wonderful to see all of them. We all live here, but we don't get to hang out a lot. Brittany and Lance came from Aledo, too! It is just a blessing to be surrounded by old, wonderful friends.
Tara, Me, Hayley, Lauren, Brittany

Nick and I headed to Houston Friday afternoon. We stayed with our good friends, Tony and Katie. I just loooove Katie. She has the best English accent and I know I must annoy her asking a million questions about England. Everything is such a different world over there from the fashion to the food to the music. I had no idea it was so different! She amazes me. So Friday night I got to meet all of the childhood friends at the Libby's wedding rehearsal. She has eight brothers and sisters so I am sure I got them all mixed up, but it was great to meet everyone. We met all of the Houston crew up at Gingerbread Man in Rice Village after it. I was so sleepy so I wasn't much fun. Emily and Erik met us up there so that was so wonderful to see Emily! We all left pretty early as everyone was quite sleepy from a long day.
Anna, Me, Jillian


Nick was really excited about college football starting so Tony and him got up at dawn to watch the whole day of sports. Katie and I weren't as thrilled so we decided to lay out all day! My gosh, Justin even took his radio in the wedding tucked in his jacket pocket so he could listen to A&M football right after it! The wedding was beautiful. It was very non traditional, but elegant and I enjoyed the readings. Nick's entire family was there so that was so much fun. We danced to crazy songs... Nick hates the way I dance... I like it! His mother and I talked forever - I just love her! It was just a really grand night.

Nick's childhood friend, JennaMr. & Mrs. Jim Gray
Nick's Mom, Dianne

Before we left I met Wendy for brunch and she surprised me by bringing Elizabeth! I was so excited as I haven't seen Elizabeth in about three years! It was so much fun to catch up with them. Wendy and I talk all of the time, but just being in person she is just extraordinary. Elizabeth won an Emmy last year and she finds out if she is nominated again in the next two weeks!

When we got back late Sunday we went over to Matt's and hung out. I actually fell asleep on the couch... that's how tired I was... loved the company, but I couldn't stay up much longer!

I thought Monday would be a day of doing nothing... but I was wrong. Andrea woke me up and told me it was lake day! The sunshine wasn't as bright, but I cannot pass up a lake day! The weather was very choppy, but we enjoyed time with a few other people and their boats!

Nick is gone all week to Ruidoso. I am so glad he gets to enjoy some time. He is always so insane about work... he needs time where he is forced to do nothing. Two of my best friends got engaged this weekend ... Kami & Kacie... adding to the list of weddings! I love weddings! We have five planned this fall alone! Oh my!!!

The weather is now fading away from my sunshine. I think it'll be okay. As long as I don't have to watch 90210 every day. I'm still not over it.