Friday, September 5, 2008

Kacie's Engagement Celebration

Last night we celebrated Kacie Rowland's engagement at Kona Grill. There were so many of us there - such a blast. I met Kacie years ago in college when she cheered with Jana. I had no idea we'd all be friends today. Last night it was mainly old Tech cheerleaders and Kacie's new round of pals from her church. It was so fun to meet and greet new people. It's funny because we have been out of school four years, but we somehow still have that Tech spirit. Or maybe it is just growing for me... in college I was a little too obsessed with sorority life... Kacie is getting married the exact same place as Chandra... Delaney Vineyards... a day before my birthday in January... and she bought her dress the same place as Chandra! Crazy! She was so thrilled and shined with excitement as she told us her engagement story. It made me just smile to see someone so filled with love and happiness.

I've had a long week and I'm so ready for the weekend. This was the first week I busted out my blazers. My mind wants to think it is Fall. Kristen and Matt broke up this week so it's been a bit weird. Weird because I got them together and weird because it was somehow comforting to know there was always another girl with all the boys when we hung out. I think it's for the best, but it also puts me in a weird position as a friend to both of them. I don't enjoy break-ups.

I ate way too much last night. I think I have a food hangover.

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