Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Luxury

I just watched the new 90210. I'm not excited about it. I'm going to rip the head off of my Donna and Brenda doll now.

Labor Day weekend was amazzzzzing. I wanted to bask in every moment.

It started with Nick's Dad's retirement party. I didn't get to stay long, but I got to meet his grandmother and hang out with all of the family. Later that night I went to dinner with my friends from high school. It was wonderful to see all of them. We all live here, but we don't get to hang out a lot. Brittany and Lance came from Aledo, too! It is just a blessing to be surrounded by old, wonderful friends.
Tara, Me, Hayley, Lauren, Brittany

Nick and I headed to Houston Friday afternoon. We stayed with our good friends, Tony and Katie. I just loooove Katie. She has the best English accent and I know I must annoy her asking a million questions about England. Everything is such a different world over there from the fashion to the food to the music. I had no idea it was so different! She amazes me. So Friday night I got to meet all of the childhood friends at the Libby's wedding rehearsal. She has eight brothers and sisters so I am sure I got them all mixed up, but it was great to meet everyone. We met all of the Houston crew up at Gingerbread Man in Rice Village after it. I was so sleepy so I wasn't much fun. Emily and Erik met us up there so that was so wonderful to see Emily! We all left pretty early as everyone was quite sleepy from a long day.
Anna, Me, Jillian


Nick was really excited about college football starting so Tony and him got up at dawn to watch the whole day of sports. Katie and I weren't as thrilled so we decided to lay out all day! My gosh, Justin even took his radio in the wedding tucked in his jacket pocket so he could listen to A&M football right after it! The wedding was beautiful. It was very non traditional, but elegant and I enjoyed the readings. Nick's entire family was there so that was so much fun. We danced to crazy songs... Nick hates the way I dance... I like it! His mother and I talked forever - I just love her! It was just a really grand night.

Nick's childhood friend, JennaMr. & Mrs. Jim Gray
Nick's Mom, Dianne

Before we left I met Wendy for brunch and she surprised me by bringing Elizabeth! I was so excited as I haven't seen Elizabeth in about three years! It was so much fun to catch up with them. Wendy and I talk all of the time, but just being in person she is just extraordinary. Elizabeth won an Emmy last year and she finds out if she is nominated again in the next two weeks!

When we got back late Sunday we went over to Matt's and hung out. I actually fell asleep on the couch... that's how tired I was... loved the company, but I couldn't stay up much longer!

I thought Monday would be a day of doing nothing... but I was wrong. Andrea woke me up and told me it was lake day! The sunshine wasn't as bright, but I cannot pass up a lake day! The weather was very choppy, but we enjoyed time with a few other people and their boats!

Nick is gone all week to Ruidoso. I am so glad he gets to enjoy some time. He is always so insane about work... he needs time where he is forced to do nothing. Two of my best friends got engaged this weekend ... Kami & Kacie... adding to the list of weddings! I love weddings! We have five planned this fall alone! Oh my!!!

The weather is now fading away from my sunshine. I think it'll be okay. As long as I don't have to watch 90210 every day. I'm still not over it.

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