Monday, September 29, 2008


Lindsey is having her double mastectomy tomorrow. I wrote her some words of encouragement, but really words are meaningless. I told her that this was her way to change the world. She's only 25 so she has such a message. She is so upbeat and Christian about it all. I told her in "Why I Wore Lipstick to my Mastectomy" the woman did whatever made her feel fierce. Lindsey says she is going to put on make up before she is wheeled in that room... just to make her feel good. When Lindsey was young a preacher told her she was destined for great things. She is so blunt, serious and a warrior. We thought it was missionary work. I told her maybe this is the fight to change the world. This is the beginning of the rest of her life. It's not simple, but it's godly in a sense. She has her wonderful new husband standing by her side, even wig shopping with her. She has her family right there. And she has all of us just praying in the wings. We don't choose many of our battles. We are all fighting a harder battle than the other. I tell Lindsey it's the way you handle the storm. It's either a blizzard covering your world in a fog or it's a storm passing by for a short while. Bitter or better... one letter makes all the difference.

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Finding Pam... said...

What a loving tribute to Lndsey. I am so thankful that her surgery is over and now the healing can start. She is so blessed to have so many prayer warriors on her side. I know that she will make a difference in this world. I loved bitter or better, that is so true. I will have to remember that one for myself. Love ya, Jules :)