Friday, September 19, 2008

KD Alumni Night

Everyone knows there is not much more I love better than time with old friends. Last night I attended my first ever Kappa Delta alumni gathering. We went to an alumni's house in Dallas for wine and cheese. I only knew Anna, Brittney, Paige and Taylor when I walked in the house. I ended up leaving with many new friends. One group of women we spoke with were SMU alumns who were pledge sisters back in the 70s! It was so neat to see them still standing there together in friendship.

One funny part of the night was getting to chat it up with Alane Hall. Back in my day at Tech Alane was very scary to us. She was a national officer and very high up in the sorority branch. She was like a mother to us. We prepared for days upon meeting with her and we would send in all of our reports to her. It warms my heart to now speak to her like an old friend. She is very inspirational to me.

Many of those women standing in that room were inspirational to me. We all have a common bond, yet some of us are strangers. It was also a great networking opportunity to talk to everyone about what they do and how they got to that position. I've been climbing that ladder since I graduated college. It made me laugh when one of the SMU women asked us all what we were doing now because she wanted to ensure herself there was light at the end of the tunnel for her freshman daughter! I told her all freshmen seem to have low GPAs because it's pure freedom... then you realize you may want to actually get some good grades in order to clench a job in a world of sharks. My my... college was such a pool of security. We were merely fishies.

I always enjoy time with Paige. Paige and I quickly became friends her freshman year. I took her under my wing and she tells everyone I am her mother. I have watched her grow up... and believe me, she had to grow from that bratty only child I knew... wait, I was a bratty only child, too, so we are a perfect fit.

I look forward to a future working with KD alumnae. It will always be a part of me. I will grow and change, but it's something that I will always cherish and will always be running through my blood.


Paige said...

That looks fun! I should probably get involved in the fort worth kd alumni association.

Kelly and Andrew said...

sounds like a fun night! there are no alumni associations up here obviously...