Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Slumber Parties

My age is starting to show. I am an old woman.

My best friend, Chandra is coming in town this weekend to get all of her bridesmaids together. She decided it'd be neat if we all stayed together. At first she had us two hotel rooms... then she decided since our friend, Hayley just bought a house it would be fun to all stay there. This is where my age hits.

Chandra and I have been having sleepovers since we were in kindergarten. Some of the girls there including Hayley and Sarah have had slumber parties with us since middle school. We all sprawled on the floor in our sleeping bags, stayed up half the night laughing... and hit the day with full force in the morning. We're accustomed to the slumber party time. In high school even my group thought it was so cool to all get together for slumber parties every weekend. But, the first thing that came out of my mouth when Chandra said we would all stay at Hayley's?... "Well, are there going to be enough beds?!"

So she goes into the rundown of this bed and that bed... oh, and two air mattresses. Me: "Oh, I will NOT sleep on an air mattress. I won't sleep well and I'll be tired the next day." Okay... yes, I do camp and yes, I do sleep in random places when I just have to... but, the point is not that I am high maintenance... the point... I am old.

I don't remember at what age it wasn't cool to sleep on the floor next to my best friends. I don't remember when I didn't get a good night's sleep. I do remember camping last year on the ground on top of rocks. I didn't feel so great the next day. I remember in college a few times when we'd all get together and sprawl across the house... usually in pull out beds.

Even our idea of a good time is getting old... Chandra and Hayley were some of the wildest and fun college ladies around... now, we want to have a glass of wine and share a little laughter before bed. I really do love that part of us. I was always old in spirit somehow... I think it was my mother's influence! I enjoy a nice night out at the bar when I really plan for it, but I'd much rather be cuddled up at home with a good movie.

So this weekend we will all come together for our best friend in celebration of her upcoming nuptials. We will probably tell stories of those slumber parties back in the 80s when we would toilet paper Lance Brock's house... and we may stay up a little too late and be forced to put some sort of creme under our eyes to fight the darkness... It will probably be one of the best times of our lives. I just know I better not be sleeping on a deflating air mattress.

Old days slumber parties with Hayley, Sarah & Chandra --

Chandra, Sarah and I in the middle - 6th Grade Slumber Party at Ava Martin's

Hayley, Sarah, Me and Chandra - 7th Grade Birthday Slumber Party
Me, Sarah and the girls - Slumber Party 1998Chandra, Me - 5th Grade Slumber Party

Sarah, Me - High School Slumber Party at Lauren Fraser's

Sarah, Chandra, Me - Slumber Party 1999

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