Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Club

Tonight I was searching through my old folders in e-mail to find an old writing I wrote on one of Mom's anniversaries to send to a friend who just lost her mother. I stumbled across a few e-mails from my dear friend, Sarah, that passed away three years ago. Sometimes as we go on with life, we forget how special people were to us and we try to let life just take over. It hit my heart and I smiled. I miss the departed so much. I miss Sarah, Mom, Grandmommy, Granny Jac... I realize maybe it never goes away. The other night instead of my usual nightmares, Mom was hugging me. I loved it. It wasn't weird at all. Ya just never get used to it. I like to claim I'm some robot, but maybe I just have a very tender heart.

Damon & Melissa Hitched

As a professional wedding go-er it is my duty to attend as many weddings as possible... ha... even though I have missed two I was invited to this year due to other happenings. I love people and I love weddings! Damon and Melissa got married last weekend. Wham, that came out of the blue. We all reported together in Abilene and now fast forward eight years, they reconnected and get married. Aw sweet!!! They had a beautiful little ceremony at this church on the lake in McKinney. There were a lot of their reporter friends from KTXS (I worked at KTAB so I didn't know some of them very well)... so Nick and I sat there for a while like the weirdos at a reunion that isn't ours! Then we found my old producer, Allison who was a bridesmaid and we got to hang out with her all night! It's funny to see where everyone is now after so many years. Most have sprouted off, Melissa is on the news here in Dallas at CBS, Lesley is on Fox Sports, etc... some are all over Texas reporting, some are in Abilene still, some got out of the business, Damon is a meteorologist in Oklahoma. Small world, small world. We had a really nice time. We don't have another wedding for quite a while. Maybe one day it will be my own!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

KD 25th Anniversary

My sorority, Kappa Delta, planned the 25th Anniversary of the sorority at Texas Tech for October 2012. Though I waited last minute to decide to go, I am very happy we went.

As we drove into Lubbock I could already feel the magic. It's sort of like going on vacation mixed with going back in time... though everything has changed. We stayed with Nick's college roommate, Brandon, his wife, Sara and their baby girl, Kendall. We got up Friday and I took Nick over to campus to visit his old professors. Later we went to meet Brandon for lunch at Jazz. I had never been to Jazz, such great food. I then drug Nick to KD Happy Hour. He was a great sport, I must say with a sea of women. It was so wonderful to see old friends. With Facebook you keep up with people by stalking, but it's great to see people in “real life.” We hung out and enjoyed life for a while. Funny thing, at a Happy Hour, people think you are nuts if you aren't drinking wine or something. People that know me know I am TOO SOCIAL to drink... ha, it just would slow me down from waving my hands and talking! Oh, don't worry, I had one glass of wine at Brandon & Sara's, but it just proves to be as crazy as me you just need endorphins.

Michelle, Julie, Melissa,Cristin, Logan, Heather & Ashley


Tara, Tamara, Laura

We spent Saturday morning playing with Kendall and hanging out watching a lot of football. I took a short jog around my old neighborhood. I wanted to move there right now. Traffic was so much better and everything was just different than my concrete jungle. Oh well, there are pros and cons to everywhere. I guess you could live in a box as long as you were surrounded by friends and family, well, and a gym. Nick and I headed to the Texas Tech game, we stopped by the KD tailgate to visit for a bit. Stephanie and her family were coming so I was very excited! We hung out there then went to find Chandra and her family. My very best friend I hadn't seen in over a year! Oh man! We hung out for a bit then hit the game! We won by a large margin. Blah blah, I don't really care about football.

Stephanie & Abigail

Kelly, Abby, Stephi & Laura

Sunday Nick and I went to the KD Brunch. We sat with Stephanie and her family, and my cousin, Jaclyn and her parents. Wonderful to see them! I got recognized for being a previous officer. Then we did the memorial and I lit the candle for Melissa Brinker. It was all over too soon!

My cousin, Jaclyn

Cousins Jaclyn & Dani

Julie, Melissa, Stephanie, Abigail

Nick took me to his secret place outside of Post. You can walk right up to the big windmills. They are HUGE. We had to climb some rocks and go on a little hike. I'm sure there were snakes, but we only saw deer and ants. Yes, I'm usually boring, but it was cool to be a little rebellious with the snakes. It was such a beautiful scene.

West Texas is my heart. It always will be, no matter where I live. Home is where you make it, I know this. Truthfully being back in Lubbock tugged at my heart strings because you must remember when I was in college I was heading face first into dealing with my mother's death. It was tough at times, but it was also an amazing time. You look back 8 years since 2004 and you just blink. Poof, gone. It seems like a million years, but I've lived in a few different cities and gone through so much since then. We all have, yet our hearts are the same. I never know what tomorrow holds, but you just have to make it your own home, wherever you are at in location and in heart, make it yours.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Labor Day signals the end of the Summer. Not really this Labor Day though because it is still over 100. No worry, I've broken out the capris and Fall attire just to fight the hot weather. And I love sunshine. Labor Day was a much needed long weekend. 

 Friday we celebrated by going to Three Forks in Dallas. It's a very nice restaurant with a wonderful atmosphere. Andrea, Glenn, Kacie and Brian joined us. Everyone had filet mignon and I had the trout. We had a really nice just hanging out and chatting. My friends rock, they are just the nicest people ever!

Glenn, Andrea, Brian, Kacie, Nick, Julie

Saturday I went shopping around for sales and just enjoyed the morning. I was pretty lazy the rest of the day! Nick was watching football and that bored me so I did my own thing! Sunday I went to church and then we had a million things we could do... there was Mitchell's birthday party, another swim party and/or visiting friends out in Wylie... but, we decided to go workout and watch a movie! Sounds boring, but I loved it! And Monday Nick and I went out to the lake and just chilled. It was so peaceful. Lots of sunshine to end my “Summer.” Then we ate at his parents that night and just ate way too much.

There ya go. NFL starts tonight. Blah blah. That means Fall is really here. On another note, I'm really excited about my new bed. There is my excitement right now!!! Dark oak just makes me happy! Come to think of it, I would like to be sleeping in that bed right now. Yearning for the next three day weekend!!!