Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Labor Day signals the end of the Summer. Not really this Labor Day though because it is still over 100. No worry, I've broken out the capris and Fall attire just to fight the hot weather. And I love sunshine. Labor Day was a much needed long weekend. 

 Friday we celebrated by going to Three Forks in Dallas. It's a very nice restaurant with a wonderful atmosphere. Andrea, Glenn, Kacie and Brian joined us. Everyone had filet mignon and I had the trout. We had a really nice just hanging out and chatting. My friends rock, they are just the nicest people ever!

Glenn, Andrea, Brian, Kacie, Nick, Julie

Saturday I went shopping around for sales and just enjoyed the morning. I was pretty lazy the rest of the day! Nick was watching football and that bored me so I did my own thing! Sunday I went to church and then we had a million things we could do... there was Mitchell's birthday party, another swim party and/or visiting friends out in Wylie... but, we decided to go workout and watch a movie! Sounds boring, but I loved it! And Monday Nick and I went out to the lake and just chilled. It was so peaceful. Lots of sunshine to end my “Summer.” Then we ate at his parents that night and just ate way too much.

There ya go. NFL starts tonight. Blah blah. That means Fall is really here. On another note, I'm really excited about my new bed. There is my excitement right now!!! Dark oak just makes me happy! Come to think of it, I would like to be sleeping in that bed right now. Yearning for the next three day weekend!!!

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