Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Damon & Melissa Hitched

As a professional wedding go-er it is my duty to attend as many weddings as possible... ha... even though I have missed two I was invited to this year due to other happenings. I love people and I love weddings! Damon and Melissa got married last weekend. Wham, that came out of the blue. We all reported together in Abilene and now fast forward eight years, they reconnected and get married. Aw sweet!!! They had a beautiful little ceremony at this church on the lake in McKinney. There were a lot of their reporter friends from KTXS (I worked at KTAB so I didn't know some of them very well)... so Nick and I sat there for a while like the weirdos at a reunion that isn't ours! Then we found my old producer, Allison who was a bridesmaid and we got to hang out with her all night! It's funny to see where everyone is now after so many years. Most have sprouted off, Melissa is on the news here in Dallas at CBS, Lesley is on Fox Sports, etc... some are all over Texas reporting, some are in Abilene still, some got out of the business, Damon is a meteorologist in Oklahoma. Small world, small world. We had a really nice time. We don't have another wedding for quite a while. Maybe one day it will be my own!

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