Monday, September 28, 2009

Guns Up in Houston

Returning to the real world was certainly tough to do today. Nick and I flew out Friday night to Houston to view the Houston vs. Texas Tech game. We were giddy even before getting on the plane! Once we got in Tony & Katie picked us up from the airport and took us to Mike's house for a party. It was pretty neat. They had it decorated in neat lighting and were playing fun music. The boys played together pretty much while Katie and I chit chatted. See, Katie is SO NEAT. She is from England so I feel as if I am learning a whole new culture when talking with her. I am a total West Texan at heart so it is neat to hear her stories. Nick and Tony are like little kids when they are together... they are brothers, I swear, so we just kind of let them have their fun! Afterwards we went to some hole in the wall bar area and hung out. We sat on the patio and enjoyed the night air.

The day of the game all of us and Mike went to tailgate about 4 PM... It was not cool to say the least... The U of H fans were so mean to us. They threw a football at Nick's head, threw beer on us and cussed at us! It was insane. It made us just want to walk with our heads down! I got to hang out with my sorority sister, Lindsay Keene Brown and her husband so that made me very excited!!! Katie and I left the boys at the game and while walking back to the car were once again cussed at by cars passing by!!! Katie and I got some frozen yogurt and went back to the apartment to watch the game. As we were walking in I saw a guy I recognized... turns out he was the weatherman when I was interning in Lubbock! Jonathan is now on the news in Houston! It was so great to run into him! The game was sad... We lost by one point!!! I don't as much care except the fans were so mean... that was just not cool they won after that. We waited up for the guys until after midnight and then we fell asleep. They were mentally and physically exhausted!


We were sad to leave Tony & Katie. We always have so much fun with them. In the airport I ran into my sorority sister, Sarah Crabb... Love her! I was so excited to see her. Nick and I were running late so we didn't get to chat long though.

It's fun to just get away from the world and forget about cleaning or any other chore on the planet. We had a great time.

I also was sad to find out my friend and sorority sister, Tamara Metcalfe was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. We have been friends since my freshman year of college and I helped guide her into her new reporting gig in Tyler last year. I knew she wouldn't love it because she loves sports much more than news, but she tried it anyway... I am unclear of her next step at this time. She will do treatment and just brush it aside and run with it. She is a true fighter and doesn't slow down for anyone or anything.

Tamara & I - Tyler 2009

And here we are today. Football season is in full swing so after a quick workout I will go to Nick's to watch the Cowboys. Somewhere in the middle I will watch my shows I DVR'ed as well... I'm a couch potato at night. Back to the real world.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Being A Rubio

I'm an honorable Mexican.

Seriously. Not because I am tan either.

My next door neighbors growing up are the Rubios. Ben Rubio has four brothers and sisters... I am best friends with his son, Cody... Ben married a white gal named Jessica Patton back in the 70s so Cody and his brother both have beautiful blue eyes and light skin. Now, I am used to conservative Christmas times gathered around the hot cocoa and quiet singing with the piano. After my outings I would venture over to the Rubios at Christmas where the house was busting with laughter and loudness... Such a blast... Guitars blazing, singing, marriache bands!!! Whoooa! And they adopted my entire little family growing up... They don't know Spanish really, but Ben's extended family can show you a good old fashioned Mexican time!!!

This is me with Gabriel, Cousin Jeremy & Cody Shane... Friends for 27 Years

Gabe had been overseas the past year working for the government... He cannot tell us what he does... but, he's some big whig. We all gathered over at Cody & Blair's this weekend for a Homecoming celebration. Gabe and his wife live in Hawaii and we hadn't seen them since my family went on a trip to Hawaii in 2004. We all gathered to watch the UT vs. Tech game and hang out. Ben had been growing out his hair the past year and we had all made fun of him telling him he looked funny, but he refused... The reason? He swore he would not cut it until Gabe returned home safely. So we all went outside and had a ceremony to cut off the ponytail! So fun!!! I looked around and all four of Ben's brothers and sisters were there with their families... Even those from out of state and far away... Blair, Lauren and I were sort of adopted in for the night! They were all laughing and talking... My heart was just filled with warmth. How amazing... God works in great ways...

Gabe, Cody & Gabe's Wife, Heather

Lifelong Friend, Lauren

Ben told me he put flowers on Mom's grave and I lit up. That was so very sweet. Our parents were very close... Cody and his mother found my mother passed on the day she went to Heaven... It took Cody and I three years to breach the subject, but we are pretty open about it today.

The UT vs. Tech game was not so great, but that's okay... There were a lot of Tech alumni at the party so that was great... but, you throw in two UT alumni and it isn't as cool!!! They gave us a lot of heck.

It was fun being a Rubio.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

Somehow Labor Day comes in and tries to rip away my days of Summer. Somehow I awoke and didn't want to bask in the sun. Each day this weekend was filled with activity and even taught me a few things... Let's go step by step...

The Start

I think it started Thursday night. I met Nick over at Matt's because his parents were in from Pittsburgh. Keilly, Matt's mom and I got away from the guys and talked about their upcoming wedding. They are having a HUGE production!!! We just talked about girl things and wedding cakes and bridesmaid dresses. I have another best friend, Paige getting married on the same day so ummm somehow I am going to have to make it to both occasions or one of them will slit my throat!!!

Football Kickoff Cookout

We had a cookout at Nick's to signal the start of football season. Everyone brought their dogs and food and we had a blast. Kevin & Jessica brought Trooper & Leo; Nick's parents brought BJ & Shiner; and then Geoff had Miya... Blake & Melissa also were let in even though they didn't have a dog! We sat outside on the patio talking for hours. It was the perfect night.

The Unborn

Yep, that was the movie Donna and I rented Saturday night... freaky... We had a girls night since Ashton was out of town and Nick was engulfed in football. I learned a few things while talking to her... Donna lives a close parallel of Dad and I's life... Her mother lives in California and she is the only child. Her dad was in ICU for a few days last week meaning she went to take care of him and did all of the adult duties. Not many people understand our situation... Mine is different now that Dad is married, but being the big adult is not any different. I remember those days of when Dad would get a cold I would leave college that weekend to take care of him, I cleaned his entire house, I cooked healthy for him... I felt like I had to take care of him with Mom gone. You are put into this position to make these choices that you do not wish to make. Even though he is married I sometimes revert back to it because it is like second nature to care for your dad. I remember at one point Jana said (Her parents are divorced and she is an only child)... they were told her dad might die and she was asked to sign a lot of forms in high school... my gosh... The pain from Donna talking about it just hurt me... Her dad is older and he isn't getting married and that fear is just always there being six hours away from home. For a moment I remembered what all I had been through and just thanked God for letting my Dad have someone like Brenda who loves him so much and for having our extended family who all takes care of one another.


I had a huge epiphany while on the subject of being blessed... I was frustrated with Nick because I had cleaned his house before the cookout and he still removed the rugs and did some more things... Later I was frustrated because he didn't like the movie I picked out. I just kept telling him over and over he should be greatful I even put effort into cleaning that house and he should be greatful I went to Blockbuster!!!... Well, I realized later that is how God feels... I whine and gripe and tell God I want this or that... and God is telling me to look around because the blessings abide!!!

Labor Day

My sorority sister, Amber was in town from New York so I got together with two of my old sorority sisters, Anna & Corrina and headed to a pool party in Uptown. It was a blast... We just chit chatted and basked in the sun. I figure that's the best way to let go of my time at the pool this summer... good memories!

Later that night we went to Nick's parents' house for some bratwurst and banana pudding! Nick's mom and I ended up watching "Manson" on The History Channel... it was insane. My great grandmother tells us she thinks we are related to Tex Watson that did the massive killings... She was a Watson and believes it was one of her great nephews... ummm yeah...

I guess I'm ready for Fall weather combined with football and leisure. We only have two weddings this football season!!! The two I mentioned above are in May!!! The class ahead of me is having their ten year reunion and I would love to attend Homecoming, but I doubt it's in the cards. Next year I will be helping... I swear, I started all of our BSHS 2000 groups a few years ago just to prepare on Facebook and MySpace!!! I love reunions!!! Big Spring is nothing like it was growing up for me anymore, but it's such a magical place full of memories for me to visit.

It's now time for the lights to go out as I get ready for work tomorrow. I'm already wondering if it's the weekend. We have Brad Paisley and Nick's Granny's birthday ahead this weekend... And church... ummm I didn't get up in time this weekend! You see... so very blessed... I'll have to remember that next time I whine to God that I'm just not too happy with the score of the football game.