Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

This is my Dad. His name is Joe Mark Adams. We call him Joe Mark, not Joe or Mark… unless you work with him and call him Joe or unless you are Granny Jac or Brenda you call him Mark.

He’s a young 55 years old today.

He is still a child that loves to play in the yard and get a treat of ice cream. This man may never grow up and for that, we are blessed!

This is my Dad also. With his perfect daughter.

Upon the celebration of Fathers Day and birthday we toast Joe Mark Adams. Dad and I have walked a slightly different journey than most fathers and daughters. I was an only child and Dad is an only child so we don’t seem to get our way all of the time like we think we should and we are pretty spoiled which makes us bratty at times. Dad has always been a wonderful father – always there for me, at basketball games, there to write me a cute note when a boy dumped me in junior high, there to laugh when I got in trouble when Mom might attack, there to help me ride a bike and tie my shoes… there to whip me when I misbehaved which was you know, next to never… there to make me laugh and give me piggy back rides. After Mom passed away Dad and I began a new journey and we have faced so much. We’ve faced me being away at college while he worked in many different states, we faced him dating and me watching wanting to rip off the heads of those that wrong him, he got married, I moved across the state, he’s watched me date wanting to rip off limbs of boyfriends, he and Brenda moved from our childhood home, we gained a new family in Brenda and a newfound charm in having step people and Dad even became Papa Mark to the grandkids… the list goes on and on. Dad is my best friend, my hero and the push that gets me going. He has and always will be an amazing parent and every day I thank God for my Dad. We lost Mom and we lost parts of our spirit, but with God’s help we keep upon the journey gaining piece by piece of our spirit and never taking life or one another for granted.

Like Father like Daughter?

Rubio Reunion

I think I might turn Mexican.

Last night I went to Oscar and Brian's in Plano for Shelbie's graduation party... the entire Rubio clan was there. They are second family to me and boy do they know how to throw a party!!! Marriache band, food, pool... wow... I grew up next door to Cody and Gabe so they are brothers to me. Through the years I got to know all of Cody's aunts and uncles and extended family. They are just the best! Blair and Lauren came to enjoy the party as well. We sat around talking and laughing until about midnight when I figured it might be time to hit the hay! It reminded me of old times in our backyard in Big Spring sitting around talking. That is what I call a summer night! My family reunion is next weekend and I know it will be nothing compared to the traditional Rubio clan get together!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Texas Tech Alumni Association

Last night I went up to Blackfinn to celebrate the Texas Tech Alumni Association. I met up with Anna and Laura, two of my pledge sisters and I ran into a few other people I knew as well. Mitchell, my photog from Tyler was there shooting a documentary for the Alumni website and I also got to hang out with an old friend from the dorms, Megan Brock. We had a really nice time!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Everchanging Frozen Moments

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe a thousand thoughts even... Today after tagging an old friend in a picture on Facebook someone commented how much life had changed since that photo... If it was a photo from childhood or high school or even college I might laugh and just go with the thoughts... but, this picture was merely two years ago in Tyler.

Looking at the people in this group photo just blew my mind. Life changes so quickly. Half of those people in that photo met their soulmates and got married quickly... some have children now... Some of us moved and began new journeys... We were sitting in a home of four girls whom we all love... We met at that home so much of the time for fun get togethers... Three of the four of those girls are now married. I'm just amazed at time. I keep thinking God is going to do this or that in my life.

I keep thinking life doesn't start until you are married or have this perfect job or have your cookie cutter house. I want the life my parents had, but for me it's just a different journey. It always seems God is molding me in a different way each time in life. He taught me about pride then about anger then about trust... I feel as if now He is trying to work on my forgiveness levels and my heart. You look at a group photo and each face represents a different journey. Each of those people is traveling through something at that time. I love groups and I love to be surrounded by people.

Each phase of my friendships can be summed up in group photos. Oh, of course, there are many more photos and many more friends, but photos express the words... I'm still so close to many in each photo and I know part of our love stems from that one instance in time where we posed for each of these pictures.

1995 - Seventh grade slumber party with some of my favorite friends in the world

Big Spring 1998 with "My Girls"

Lubbock 2000 with my Kappa Delta KD Ladies

Abilene 2004 with KTAB and KRBC reporters

Tyler - St. Patricks Day 2007 with my Green Angels from Green Acres Baptist Church

Dallas 2009 with my group many stemming from our days at Texas Tech

God is always changing and working within us and in that very instant when the flash pops in our face as we smile for a picture to be frozen in time we may have no idea, but our lives are changing at that very moment and that frozen piece of time represents our own personal journey.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer is Here

I have this dream of summer. It stems back to childhood and I always seem to remember it on warm nights. I remember so many times going to our best friends, the Stewart's household and I remember being warm and playing on the trampoline and having burgers. It seems I think every summer night should be this way.

Last Friday after work I went out to Burleson to Karen's pool party. Chandra and Amanda came in from Big Spring and the rest of us gathered out there. Karen's house is ridiculously beautiful... out of a magazine. It was so neat to wander through it. She has a bird that talks... a lot... It would meow and then start talking and saying funny things. If you ignored it... she would get louder. The best part was the girl talk. We had such a good time just talking. We got up the next morning... after sharing a bed with Hayley and Amanda... and made breakfast and enjoyed time before I had to leave to drive into work. Ahhh wonderful... I had a free ticket to the George Strait concert, but I thought work would get in the way... man, I should have made that happen come hell or high water!!!

I finally gave Nick his Texas Tech ring... It was really for our one year anniversary. I had his brother's godfather make it so it would be more meaningful. He loves it. I think he looks really good wearing a ring and it's so special because though it is not an official Texas Tech ring... it is something that he can look down at and remember his roots of education.

Continuing my perfect night of summer tonight Nick and I went to Top Golf. It's a neat place. They charge your ball with the computer and it keeps score of everything. I had such a nice time lounging back in my chair while Nick hit balls. I hit a few, but I am not as good as him!

I have decided something about my dreams. I always talk about my dreams and nightmares. Maybe I need to make peace with some things so it will go away... but just how do I do that?! I have dreams about basketball where my demonic coach will not let me play or I play badly... she warped my life. I truly despise her... I do not want to despise her. I wonder how to just let go. My life was basketball, I loved it and I had passion for it and she took it and stomped on it. She made me not even want to play my senior year. How can you be so cruel to teenagers? Then the dreams about my loved ones that have died... okay... that's just normal... I guess? I'm tired of dreaming about Sarah because she has always faked her death... I wonder why she has faked her death, but when I dream about Mom she is back but dying again?! I wonder what that means? Maybe my mind somehow doesn't believe that Sarah really died? Maybe because I need more closure? Hmmm... Maybe there are just some things I need to forgive and accept. I like my happy dreams!

I'm already ready for the weekend. I think we are having a pool party at my place. And Hayley is helping us plan a river trip in July... YAY FOR SUMMER.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The past four days can only be summed up in one word: sunshine. It began Friday night as ten of us from my pledge class met at Uncle Julios. Somehow it turned into a reunion. Kappa Delta 2000. I looked around the tables of the faces of these women I have known for nine years... yet it seems like yesterday. A lot of people that come into my life don't know my background fully and I do not know theirs, but these women have been through so much together. We don't get together a lot as we all live separate lives and live in different areas... Some are married with children, one just got divorced, some are single, some are just trying to make it... We all had such a nice time just chatting about life in general and even talking a little about the old days of Texas Tech... some things haven't changed while others are like the other side of the world in a bottle.

Julie Wendell, Allison Spencer Gilmore, Karley Astle Butler, Shannon Grinnell, Jeni Taylor Pogue, Jessica Grogean, Paige Petersen Walker, Stephanie Brown Tettleton, Melissa Perley Land

I flew home to Midland on Saturday excited to see my family. When I got there Chandra drove over from Big Spring and we went down the street to Tonia's pool party. It turned out to pretty much be Chandra and I just talking the entire time! We didn't know many people there. We had a blast though. I didn't want her to leave! That night Dad, Brenda and I ate a hearty meal and went to get frozen yogurt and watched a movie. Perfecto! Sunday I was a bad child and didn't go to church with them because the fogies go at 8 AM! I took a jog around their neighborhood and then chilled outside in the sun.

I read our Adams ancestry book and really enjoyed it. I love finding out things about my family. I don't know much about Mom's side or really Dad's other side... except Granny Jac's family was from Ireland. The Adams clan started back in the 1700s... We fought in all the wars all the way back to the Revolutionary War and Civil War... though some fought for the North and were shameful... it's so weird to read about times during slavery. One thing that did make me proud is we were friends with the slaves we owned... it's so weird to even say... my, I am glad for equality these days. They think we were related to the President Adams' ... but it isn't in stone... they were still working on finding it. There are many reasons why they think so for sure... but it must be proven. I love reading the stories when it gets down to my great grandparents. They were such wonderful people. My grandfather and his brothers fought in the war and were just heroes and made such great lives. Every Adams I read about were friendly and loving and just adored their family. There was a mean spinster who chewed tobacco... oh man... Lord, don't let me be her... I am so proud to be an Adams. When... um... if... I ever get married I know now with everything in professionalism and Facebook days that we tend to be Julie Adams Clooney or whatever... but, I truly want to sign my full name. I decided this based on I am the last Adams from my Dad... I don't want to stop the line. I will be Julie Adams ______ - let's pray one day I get to sign that full name!

Robert, Watson, Mary Ann, Abe, Granny Jackie Adams, Grandaddy Don Adams, JB, Ines, OR, Wayne, Joe Carl, Kitty Ben, Helen, Joe Bayless, Squeak, Nolan, Great Grandpa Joe, Great Grandmother Granny Gert, Judith, Donna, Cherry, Nita

When I flew back in yesterday I sat by my pool and took a jog in the sun then went to meet Nick at his parents' house for dinner. We had a great time as always. Nick had a boys' weekend golfing and playing basketball and he even got two new clients... so I don't think he missed me at all!

I always love to go home. It seems when you are at home nothing can touch you. You are a child again in the protection of Mommy and Daddy. It's always weird for me as memories surround me even though they are in a different home... I cannot help but think of Mom, but that is just fine. As I fell asleep one night for some reason after looking through so many pictures and reliving so many things I had some visions. So much of the time I block out my memory of my mother. I seriously cannot remember so many things... mainly feelings. But, I could at this time. I remembered loving her so deeply and these memories that were just buried somewhere... I always hate on myself for not loving her enough and not showing her my love. But, I knew in that moment I did love her. I hope she knew it. I know I wasn't a good enough daughter to her angelic ways, but I was only a teenager. I was so blessed with those memories with feeling. It was also so nice to be with Dad and Brenda... they make me laugh and they are so loving. They are so proud of their yard! I love it! My Dad is so special to me... I see myself in a lot of him and I am blessed with that. Little girls always want to be just like their daddy!

Lastly... Last night I framed a photo of Sarah. It sits beside a Precious Moments figurine of Heaven that sits beside my family photo. I would like to do more in the future, but I think it's important to always keep her memory alive. I haven't deleted her phone number yet, but I think I will soon. Her best friend, Autumn told me she hadn't grieved yet because she'd just been too busy. Maybe we all just race through life and forget to grieve, but sometimes when I slow down when scrolling through my phone or think about my high school friends it is there with a bright red flag. She was a bright red flag indeed... We miss her!

Time to iron... Like I said before... Can we please just work outside tomorrow?! Or... can we wear bikinis to work?! I don't want to leave the sunshine outside!