Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

This is my Dad. His name is Joe Mark Adams. We call him Joe Mark, not Joe or Mark… unless you work with him and call him Joe or unless you are Granny Jac or Brenda you call him Mark.

He’s a young 55 years old today.

He is still a child that loves to play in the yard and get a treat of ice cream. This man may never grow up and for that, we are blessed!

This is my Dad also. With his perfect daughter.

Upon the celebration of Fathers Day and birthday we toast Joe Mark Adams. Dad and I have walked a slightly different journey than most fathers and daughters. I was an only child and Dad is an only child so we don’t seem to get our way all of the time like we think we should and we are pretty spoiled which makes us bratty at times. Dad has always been a wonderful father – always there for me, at basketball games, there to write me a cute note when a boy dumped me in junior high, there to laugh when I got in trouble when Mom might attack, there to help me ride a bike and tie my shoes… there to whip me when I misbehaved which was you know, next to never… there to make me laugh and give me piggy back rides. After Mom passed away Dad and I began a new journey and we have faced so much. We’ve faced me being away at college while he worked in many different states, we faced him dating and me watching wanting to rip off the heads of those that wrong him, he got married, I moved across the state, he’s watched me date wanting to rip off limbs of boyfriends, he and Brenda moved from our childhood home, we gained a new family in Brenda and a newfound charm in having step people and Dad even became Papa Mark to the grandkids… the list goes on and on. Dad is my best friend, my hero and the push that gets me going. He has and always will be an amazing parent and every day I thank God for my Dad. We lost Mom and we lost parts of our spirit, but with God’s help we keep upon the journey gaining piece by piece of our spirit and never taking life or one another for granted.

Like Father like Daughter?

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