Monday, June 15, 2009

Everchanging Frozen Moments

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe a thousand thoughts even... Today after tagging an old friend in a picture on Facebook someone commented how much life had changed since that photo... If it was a photo from childhood or high school or even college I might laugh and just go with the thoughts... but, this picture was merely two years ago in Tyler.

Looking at the people in this group photo just blew my mind. Life changes so quickly. Half of those people in that photo met their soulmates and got married quickly... some have children now... Some of us moved and began new journeys... We were sitting in a home of four girls whom we all love... We met at that home so much of the time for fun get togethers... Three of the four of those girls are now married. I'm just amazed at time. I keep thinking God is going to do this or that in my life.

I keep thinking life doesn't start until you are married or have this perfect job or have your cookie cutter house. I want the life my parents had, but for me it's just a different journey. It always seems God is molding me in a different way each time in life. He taught me about pride then about anger then about trust... I feel as if now He is trying to work on my forgiveness levels and my heart. You look at a group photo and each face represents a different journey. Each of those people is traveling through something at that time. I love groups and I love to be surrounded by people.

Each phase of my friendships can be summed up in group photos. Oh, of course, there are many more photos and many more friends, but photos express the words... I'm still so close to many in each photo and I know part of our love stems from that one instance in time where we posed for each of these pictures.

1995 - Seventh grade slumber party with some of my favorite friends in the world

Big Spring 1998 with "My Girls"

Lubbock 2000 with my Kappa Delta KD Ladies

Abilene 2004 with KTAB and KRBC reporters

Tyler - St. Patricks Day 2007 with my Green Angels from Green Acres Baptist Church

Dallas 2009 with my group many stemming from our days at Texas Tech

God is always changing and working within us and in that very instant when the flash pops in our face as we smile for a picture to be frozen in time we may have no idea, but our lives are changing at that very moment and that frozen piece of time represents our own personal journey.


Pleasant Drive said...

Beautiful and poignant words, Julie! Just remember, there is never a time when you "arrive" at your life. Live it now.

Di said...

Girl, I was just thinking that yesterday as I was moving for the 16th time in the last 9 years. Life has many twists and turns, it is amazing to look back down the mountain you have just climbed to see/reminince all the places you have been.