Tuesday, June 22, 2010

55 or 56 Candles...

I thought my Dad turned 55 today. Oops. He said, "I read your Facebook status. I'm 56, Julie." Oops. Joe Mark Adams turns 56 today. I just toasted him on Father's Day so today I just say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I don't even think he has wrinkles? And he thinks gray hair is George Clooneyish. His skin is a beautiful dark brown and his eyes are a bright green. He's pretty spiffy. 56 is the new 21, right?

The River

I love floating the river! Nick and I met everyone in New Braunfels at this amazing little house on Friday night. There were about 20 of us. We first went to the GristMill which was so cool because it is next to Gruene Hall, the oldest dance hall in Texas. I roamed around watching the dancers and listening to the music. The next morning we all got up early and ate Gian Carlo's chefmatic breakfast and were ready to hit the river. There were so many neat people with us. Nick's best friend, Tony and his girlfriend, Katie have the neatest group. There were people there from Russia, Sri Lanka, Katie is from England and Gian Carlo I mentioned before is from Italy! I always learn so much from them. The river is still in flood mode so there was a lot of destruction on the sides. It was pretty sad. The float lasted five hours and the water sure was cold so by five hours I was ready to go! I loved the peacefulness of floating and just hanging out though. When we got back we just hung out on the deck for hours talking to everyone. That is the way I love to spend summer nights! Nick and I got up early the next day and went to The Oasis in Austin for lunch. It had gorgeous views!!! We had such a nice time with good friends.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I leave in an hour to make my way to the river. It seems a bit college-ish to float the river, but in all reality it's an escape from just that - reality. I don't know how to relax, but when I go to the river it's cool and just fun and everyone is really neat. Last time we went we had a group filled with people from England, Russia, Mexico and Germany... we go with Nick's best friend, Tony and his group from Houston and they have a lot of friends from different places.

Needless to say... I won't be in front of my computer for Father's Day.

My Dad and I have been through so much and I have written about it and could write about it for days. He is one of my best friends. He is my hero. He is amazing. He has been eating right lately and making me smile even. Dad shows me what it means to work hard and reap the awards. He is a great leader and a good hearted Christian man. He has a wild streak deep inside him which I see glimpses of at times. Growing up Dad and I would make Mom laugh and annoy her with our crazy antics. He gave me piggy back rides and told me bedtime stories. He had a quick temper so I was a good little girl! He hated all boys I brought home! He wrote me a letter one time in 7th grade when I didn't have a date to the football game and made me laugh by acting like a little kid who said I was cute! Mom and I were very close as gals, but I was always my Dad's little girl. After Mom passed away it was hard for us to figure out how to make it without her. We were a three legged family and without her we didn't have a huge part of our system. We were a family that did everything together and without her it seemed impossible at that time. As the days passed and as God looked down upon us we learned how to walk again and how to live. We learned to be friends and to be supportive of one another. I remember as a freshman in college before Mom passed that I began to see my parents more as friends than parents. It just happens as you grow up and learn they are normal and we all turn into them!!! It has been a tough journey at times! I thank God for blessing me to not only be a part of the Adams lineage of amazing men like my own Dad, but for letting me be the daughter of Joe Mark Adams.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

West Texas Visit

I've been in the land of oil the past few days. I seriously never noticed how many pumpjacks are in West Texas until this weekend and I desperately want to take a picture of one with the sun setting in the background and frame it for my Dad.

I flew to Midland Thursday night so homesick and ready for a dose of Adams family fun. My dose of good hearted medicine has somehow lead me to a drainage and coughing excursion now, but that always happens when I come home... atleast the good hearted part of the medicine works!!! Friday I jetted over to Big Spring anxious for an exciting day in my hometown. I went to eat lunch with Vicki and Stephanie at the Chamber and had a good ole time. The Stewarts are my second family and Teffy is my sister and it was so wonderful to get to visit with them. After that I rode around town a little just looking at the sites. They have some new places and some things are growing, but overall the town is drifting away. I drove down my old street happy to see my house looking good. I wanted to go in and look around, but decided nah it's not the same. My old neighbors were outside so I went to chat with Joe and Frankie. They pulled out pictures of the grandkids and we caught up. Then I headed to the cemetery. Mom's grave has never been my favorite as I want it to be more, but I stood over hers for a minute. I know she is not there. I wanted to find Sarah's to bring some closure so I roamed around... but, I could not find it. Her dad said they put a solar light on it so she wouldn't be alone... I found old friends from growing up that passed away... Derek Churchwell, Michael Pearson, Albert Carrillo, Kenny Richardson, Meagan Stanley, Antwoyne Edwards... but... no Sarah. This upset me because I thought maybe visiting her grave would stop the nightmares. It was very hot out there so I didn't stay too long... Then I headed to Coahoma... I got to meet Chandra's new baby doll, Landry. She is so tiny and perfect. Chandra has been my best friend since we were four... We got to have a great talk and hang with lil Landry. Chandra's husband came in from the farm and we got to visit with him, too. Perfect time.

When I got back to Midland the storm clouds were rolling in, but we had my Dad and Brenda's company picnic at the Rockhounds baseball game so I met Dad and we went to meet up with everyone. My niece, Aaliyah and nephews, Malachi and Xander are adorable. They are growing up. Malachi was chasing the little girls and they gave Xander a kiss on the cheek because he is one of the cutest little boys in the world. We all ate and hung out. It was such a perfect summer night. We didn't watch the game, but that was fine with me.

Saturday we headed to Stanton Trade Days. It was a blast. So many neat things... Brenda and I bought a few things. We roamed around, enjoyed the music and I got an old fashioned root beer float. Dad and Brenda didn't help me in my healthy eating this weekend with all the goodies... but, seriously, they have been eating well and Dad has lost a good amount of weight. They cheat on weekends, but he looks so good. It just warms my heart because it was a constant worry of mine for his health. I am beyond proud of him. After this Dad and I went to Snyder to see Grandmommy. She turns 83 next week. It doesn't seem old to me, but she seems to think so. She gave me a big thing of family history... more on how that came about later... She, too, is a Daughter of the Revolution so now I have that on both sides... how cool!!! She was the baby of her family and her parents were quite old when they had her, but it's neat to hear what she remembers of them and her other family. We shared stories and just talked for a long time. It's always so refreshing to see my grandmother. She is such a special lady and reminds me so much of being in the room with my mom.

Brenda had cooked us a great meal of chicken and salad when we got back and she had a surprise for Dad... His birthday is next week so she cooked his favorite Almond Joy cake and I wrapped the gift I got him for his new motorcycle... They took me for a ride on their motorcycles through town. I was scared as Dad didn't wear his helmet... but, he thinks he is an old pro. I rode with Brenda. It was so much fun just enjoying the wind and seeing the night sky. I was just in awe at the freedom.

When we got back I dived back into the Adams Family heritage book. I got some information last week about Granny Gert (my great grandmother) and her family history. It was so interesting as her dad was a very wealthy man back in his day, but he had 14 children and four wives as they kept dying... women died a lot back then... It went back to the 1700s and I got to read about them. Gert married Joe Brown Adams and I already had that heritage book here at the house. I love reading all the stories... It goes back to the late 1700s. All stemming from my great great great grandfather. There is a family cemetery in Georgia and Tennessee... it'd be neat to see it one day. We are true Southerners and I'm proud of that! There are many veterans of the Revolutionary and Civil War - even some fighting for the North! It's bewildering to read how life and technology have changed our lives so much. Living in that day seemed so simple and beautiful, but so very hard as you began working and learning the farm and such at a very young age. Women had fourteen children and that was just normal... golly geez. It makes me want to know more that I don't have any idea about following Dad's mom and Mom's dad... Mom's dad had to change his name in the Navy because they misspelled it so they told him it was better to legally change it to Boles from Bolles. Dad's mom was a Sheridan and I believe related to some famous war folks and named after an Indian woman, but that's as far as I know. So interesting to know our heritage.

On another note Nick began his dream job working for the Corporate wing of StubHub. He is loving every minute. His office is downtown, he gets the chance to attend every concert and sporting event out there, he loves his co workers... Gosh, he deserves it. I am so happy for him.

Next weekend we are going to the river... It seems we never stop... and I love it. I've enjoyed every second of my time at home. West Texas is so special to me and coming here is an escape. I love hanging out with my Dad and just talking with him. He's stubborn like me and very strict in his thoughts. He's loving and has so much wisdom. Brenda has been great and I always enjoy talking to her. I fly back tonight and hit the real world once again... well, for a few days until my next escape!!!