Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 Years

10 Years ago...

My cousin, Jaclyn preffed KD and Tri Delt last night at Texas Tech... I have told her the entire time to keep an open mind and just go with her heart... She did choose KD tonight as number one and we shall see... but, hearing her accounts make me laugh knowing what we all know now about Rush... She was a bit worried that all she saw in the KD parking lot were BMWs and Lexus' and in Tri Delt she saw more down to earth cars... I laughed out loud and said, "Jaclyn, it's all a show! They aren't really like that once you get in!" I remember telling the girls with the best cars to park in the driveway... this for Jaclyn who is one of most beautiful down to earth girls in the world this is just overwhelming as she doesn't want to associate with people who think they are higher than everyone else! I just laugh to myself knowing that in Rush every sorority is trying so hard to outdo one another and get the best girls that you just put on the best show possible... I told her if she does go KD that she will find some of the most big hearted, sweet and good people and she will forget that during Rush she thought "we" were just beyond perfect.

On another note from all I have heard this past year or so KDs are growing and growing and are one of the best on campus. I always felt we were a young sorority being established on the campus later than most and we had to truly make an impact. Jaclyn said during Rush she saw this impact in all of their philanthropy work and she could see the Christian base. This warms my heart to know we were all a part of this. I told Melissa Perley Land that when she was Rush chair I felt there was a change. Instead of depending on rushing the most beautiful girls it became about getting not only beautiful, but well rounded leaders that could carry our chapter. After hearing about the chapter in the past year I know she started a trend that is in place today. These girls are just amazing. Wow... I have enjoyed diving back into the world through a young college girl's eyes... I know we all miss those days... I miss that excitement, but as I told her - I found some of my very best friends... and some can say you pay for your friends, but I'll tell you this - after the thousands I... errr... my Dad paid... we didn't pay ENOUGH for the gold I found in that big ole house on Greek Circle!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Red Raider Roadshow - DFW Student Sendoff

This is the Red Raider Roadshow's first webisode. It was an insane day as I didn't have a red dress in time so I just went stylish and the colors are totally off!!! Mitchell Patton is amazing as an editor, producer, photographer and director of the first episode. He makes me look good! This first one is only a preview as the season will get better and better with the excitement of football! We are focusing on alumni relations!!! We already have a few sponsors and can only give thanks to God for more!!! It was fun to be holding a microphone again, but I was a bit rusty... It will be like riding a bicycle by our next show at the SMU Dallas Alumni Watching Party!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

They say summer is gone, but I beg to differ. The air outside is thick and hot. I love it like this, but I am getting a bit tired of it. When even Julie Adams cannot lay in the sunshine due to miserable heat then it just might be too hot!

Let me tell you about my insane weekend. Friday night was the best in the world. I met Jana, Jordan and Stacy at Uncle Julios for a girls night. We had such a good time talking and laughing. We then went to Stacy’s new apartment and just hung out for a while. It is so important to have strong girlfriends. We may be married, single or dating – no matter what – we need girl time. We took a few great pictures, but the only one Jordan gave me was this crazy one below where we are being funny. I think I was attempting a strange face, but it looks like I am just gritting my teeth. Love them.

Saturday I am getting ready to lay out with the girls when my phone rings. Mitchell, my old photographer and now new director for Red Raider Roadshow says he is on his way. I am like, cool, we are shooting a promo tomorrow… he is like, Julie, are you ready? Our story is at 2…. I totally forgot. This was the first story for our show… OH DEAR. I went like a tornado to get ready. So when I release the story on the web you will need to understand why I have on a cute green dress instead of a red one… no time!!! We went to the DFW Alumni Sendoff and interviewed a bunch of kids and parents… so fun!!! It was so great to hear their stories. I felt so old and just wanted to turn back time and be going to college!!! This time TEN YEARS AGO I was going through Rush!!! Oh my gosh!!! Mitchell is going to edit the story and put it in the Tech websites this week so I will be sharing it… who knows what it turned out like… I felt a bit rusty!!!

Nick and I got me a new big screen and mounted it on my wall yesterday. I was so proud of it (We sold mine for $200 and the man sold this new 37 inch wall mounted one to me for $275 – so $75 out of my pocket!)… until my phone bit the dust and I had to throw out another $100 for a new phone… thank goodness I was able to sign another contract and get that discounted price… but, I don’t have hundreds to just be throwing at technology!!! Maybe I should have been easier on the phone before… but, God knows I am so clumsy and either run into walls or ram my technology into the ground! It’s very annoying!!! I’ve been in this mode of updating things as I can and just getting things here and there. My dad taught me that you cannot buy things all at once. You have to get things as you go. When he and Mom first got married they were right out of college and lived in an apartment. There was no way at that time to buy your entire furniture set! I’d love to be able to buy everything new for my room at one time, but I just wait and get things as time rolls and I am able to do so. It’s just a process of growing up and changing things as you go. I will never rid of my Mom’s chair. It reminds me of her and I enjoy to sit in it at times. So there are some things no matter what you just do not rid of… Another thing – this HUGE teddy bear of Mom’s… he is ragged and sad, but he sits in my closet! Some things are just plain meaningful!!!

Summer summer summer… don’t leave me yet…

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Social Times

It's very hot outside, but I love it. Last week I spent my day off with my old friend I reported with, Mechelle in McKinney. We took the kids to the pool and relaxed for hours. We didn't even notice the heat as we just enjoyed one another's company. It's so nice to talk to someone who understands the world of media and understands why we both got out! We both miss it so much (and Mechelle should be on CNN!)... but, we also talked about our twelve hour workdays where we were so burned out we could barely breathe. It was so great to talk!

Yesterday we all got to meet Baby Gavin! Kacie invited the girls out to her home in Flower Mound for a home cooked "girly" meal. She made salmon, salad, Bananas Foster and rice. Yummy. After watching her with Gavin all night while her husband was at the movies I was just in awe. I know nothing about babies. What makes me happy for far in the future is that she seems to be learning as well. She says she might not know the answer, but tries to do the best and hope it is the right answer!!! We had such a good time sitting around talking. We have have all known one another since college! Such nice times and good girl time talking about men!!! I still love summer!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Red Raider Roadshow

I am not into football feeling yet... but, I want to share my news so I can get the ball rolling before it is thrown. I have agreed to host a show called Red Raider Roadshow. My good friend and former photographer, Mitchell has been shooting it for a year. I have helped him when he comes to Dallas, but he decided it's too hard to do himself. Basically all I would do is interview people at fun events like tailgates and Tech dinners/ sendoffs, etc and just be the happy host... and he edits it all together. It is a web show so it will be on Tech's three main blogs and wherever else he can get it. It isn't anything too fancy or crazy, but oh, how I love to do these things!!! We already have planned to go to a Richardson send off, Denton dinner for Tech, SMU kickoff dinner, Tech vs. UT... YAY!!! He has been meeting with some potential sponsors, but I don't care if only the web viewers see it because I just like to be on the screen!!! I have that sort of bug... or obsession? It makes me miss news... but, then I remember these are the fun types of stories I love doing!!!