Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 Years

10 Years ago...

My cousin, Jaclyn preffed KD and Tri Delt last night at Texas Tech... I have told her the entire time to keep an open mind and just go with her heart... She did choose KD tonight as number one and we shall see... but, hearing her accounts make me laugh knowing what we all know now about Rush... She was a bit worried that all she saw in the KD parking lot were BMWs and Lexus' and in Tri Delt she saw more down to earth cars... I laughed out loud and said, "Jaclyn, it's all a show! They aren't really like that once you get in!" I remember telling the girls with the best cars to park in the driveway... this for Jaclyn who is one of most beautiful down to earth girls in the world this is just overwhelming as she doesn't want to associate with people who think they are higher than everyone else! I just laugh to myself knowing that in Rush every sorority is trying so hard to outdo one another and get the best girls that you just put on the best show possible... I told her if she does go KD that she will find some of the most big hearted, sweet and good people and she will forget that during Rush she thought "we" were just beyond perfect.

On another note from all I have heard this past year or so KDs are growing and growing and are one of the best on campus. I always felt we were a young sorority being established on the campus later than most and we had to truly make an impact. Jaclyn said during Rush she saw this impact in all of their philanthropy work and she could see the Christian base. This warms my heart to know we were all a part of this. I told Melissa Perley Land that when she was Rush chair I felt there was a change. Instead of depending on rushing the most beautiful girls it became about getting not only beautiful, but well rounded leaders that could carry our chapter. After hearing about the chapter in the past year I know she started a trend that is in place today. These girls are just amazing. Wow... I have enjoyed diving back into the world through a young college girl's eyes... I know we all miss those days... I miss that excitement, but as I told her - I found some of my very best friends... and some can say you pay for your friends, but I'll tell you this - after the thousands I... errr... my Dad paid... we didn't pay ENOUGH for the gold I found in that big ole house on Greek Circle!!!


The Williams Family said...

You talk about 10 years ago you pledged KD but what about your 10 year high school reunion... I would have thought you would have been all about that :)

Justin and Allison said...

Very cool! Hope she went KD!