Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Social Times

It's very hot outside, but I love it. Last week I spent my day off with my old friend I reported with, Mechelle in McKinney. We took the kids to the pool and relaxed for hours. We didn't even notice the heat as we just enjoyed one another's company. It's so nice to talk to someone who understands the world of media and understands why we both got out! We both miss it so much (and Mechelle should be on CNN!)... but, we also talked about our twelve hour workdays where we were so burned out we could barely breathe. It was so great to talk!

Yesterday we all got to meet Baby Gavin! Kacie invited the girls out to her home in Flower Mound for a home cooked "girly" meal. She made salmon, salad, Bananas Foster and rice. Yummy. After watching her with Gavin all night while her husband was at the movies I was just in awe. I know nothing about babies. What makes me happy for far in the future is that she seems to be learning as well. She says she might not know the answer, but tries to do the best and hope it is the right answer!!! We had such a good time sitting around talking. We have have all known one another since college! Such nice times and good girl time talking about men!!! I still love summer!!!

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