Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Red Raider Roadshow

I am not into football feeling yet... but, I want to share my news so I can get the ball rolling before it is thrown. I have agreed to host a show called Red Raider Roadshow. My good friend and former photographer, Mitchell has been shooting it for a year. I have helped him when he comes to Dallas, but he decided it's too hard to do himself. Basically all I would do is interview people at fun events like tailgates and Tech dinners/ sendoffs, etc and just be the happy host... and he edits it all together. It is a web show so it will be on Tech's three main blogs and wherever else he can get it. It isn't anything too fancy or crazy, but oh, how I love to do these things!!! We already have planned to go to a Richardson send off, Denton dinner for Tech, SMU kickoff dinner, Tech vs. UT... YAY!!! He has been meeting with some potential sponsors, but I don't care if only the web viewers see it because I just like to be on the screen!!! I have that sort of bug... or obsession? It makes me miss news... but, then I remember these are the fun types of stories I love doing!!!

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