Monday, June 16, 2014

Glenn and Andrea Create A Fairytale

The beaming bride began her walk down the aisle and I felt a tear come to my eye. I flashed back to the days of college. Andrea had boyfriends here and there as there are with every girl in college. Flashing forward to this day when she marries her match. Everything was just too perfect. Such a wonderful union for two lovely people.

Andrea and Glenn's wedding weekend began as we had a luncheon with the girls on Friday and rehearsal dinner. I was sick the entire week battling to get better! I was still a bit miserable on Friday coughing up a few lungs. The luncheon was beyond amazing at Ocean Prime. Andrea's mom's friends set it up for us. Just perfect. Then the rehearsal dinner was at Iron Cactus. We had such a great time just talking with everyone. Andrea's family is precious and so very kind. It was fun to hang out with them.

We primped all day for the wedding at The Crescent. We laughed, listened to music and just played. All of the bridesmaids are so sweet and friendly so we all got along great. 

Melissa doing push ups!

Kayla and Dahleen
We finally all headed down for the wedding. It was outside, but not that hot. Everything was gorgeous! The ceremony was both funny and touching. Baby Kayla was the Baby of Honor! She was so good and so very adorable. So much love in that space.

We all headed inside to the reception. I always joke I don't dance, but I decided since Andrea loves to dance that I had to just get over it. I walked in on her brother's arm with Raelyn on the other and tried my best to dance! Then they gals all came in and the Texas Tech Fight Song started. If you haven't seen a bride in the air in a stunt in her dress, you haven't seen anything yet! It was just way too cool. All of the former cheer and dance squad members joined us on the floor for the dance. It was a sight to see!!! Just pure laughter and fun! The rest of the night was spent dancing and talking with new and old friends. Andrea's family is from Louisiana, and boy, they can party! There were more of them out on the dance floor than us! And... the band... Emerald City played the reception. They were amazing... words cannot even describe how great they were! After the wedding we headed across the way to an after party... which I have never been to a wedding with an after party. It was really neat. We were all tired by this time and just enjoyed a nice chat. The bride and groom joined those of us that went to say bye! We didn't get home until 2 AM... well, in all of this, when we went to get our cars from the valet they had apparently wrecked Anna's car... wow... so we were waiting on that to get resolved. It was a fairy tale of a night. Personally it warms my heart that God blessed me with such wonderful people. Looking around that room and listening to the toasts... everyone there was genuine and salt of the earth. Truly blessed are we.


KD Ladies: Summer, Jana, Laura, Anna

Monday, June 9, 2014

George Strait-A-Palooza

I witnessed history this weekend. The George Strait Concert welcomed 105,000 people, a record crowd to watch the cowboy ride away! We went with Nick's parents, Sean and Karen & Jason and Angela. First off Asleep at the Wheel played for about an hour. They gave a shoutout to Big Spring and to Jody Nix! That made me very excited! We knew there were many headliners, but we had no idea they would all play with him! The stage saw Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow, Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert, Alan Jackson and Eric Church.Martina and Faith are two of my very favorite singers. Nick is in love with Kenny. Man, it was just so entertaining. The place was filled with girls in lace dresses and boots! I wore my lace dress, but since I sprained my toe, I wore my sandals! George played the entire time!!! At the end they all came up and sang with him. It was such a treat. I love country music and knew many of the songs so it was just amazing. My best friend, Chandra has a newborn so she wasn't in attendance, but she was sure there in spirit. I felt like she should have come instead of me because I've always enjoyed George, but I wasn't die hard about him. He is just a true performer. Lots of times country music gets skewed and changed from the good ole days, but this was just classic and extraordinary.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Andrea's Bachelorette Bash

Raelyn, Jana, Stefanie, Anna, Jayme, Melissa, Andrea, Julie, Corri, Stephanie, Kacie, Shyloh, Chaney & Kerri
My friends are dancing queens. I like to proudly proclaim my amazing, sweet, beautiful girlfriends know how to have a good time. Andrea's bachelorette party was just so wonderful. We started the weekend at a pole dancing class. Yes, me. It was actually a great workout! We laughed so hard. I wasn't very into it because it just isn't me (not because it's crazy, but because you have to have a little rhythm that I don't have) so there isn't much evidence... thankfully! Mainly we just danced around a pole and laughed the entire time. Jayme and I then took Andrea to get a mani/pedi. Awww pampering. 

When we got to the Joule we found out we were in the penthouse. The other girls were already there decorating. This place was beyond amazing. The toilet has heated seats! The stairs are made of glass! Everything was just lavish. Of course, it was hard to just absorb at first as we rushed to get ready. We all changed into our black dresses and were ready for the night!

Let me tell ya again, being with this group of women was so much fun. Some of us didn't know one another until that night, yet left the best of pals. I heard about everything from sleep training their kids to stuff they see in the nursing profession to learning how to live with each other after getting married. We went to Sambuca first because Andrea is a dancing queen. She danced so hard... I mean, she is amazing. We all danced around her... even me. No one cared if we looked silly. Well, none of them looked silly because they have the dancing gene, but no one care if I looked silly! We finally left there and went to Levu. It is one of those places that you have to call ahead to get your name,etc... well, it scared me a bit! It was full of techno music and lots of lights. Not sure how to dance to techno? Then after about 10 minutes, a group of us said, Let's go! Shyloh, Jana, Kacie, Steph and I went back to the hotel and just talked until the others got there. Kacie wrapped up in the cozy hotel robe. I decided it was time to go home because it was almost 2 AM and I wanted to sleep in my own place... (Even though Nick and I are staying with the in laws until we move and we don't even have our own bed, that's another story... but, I wanted to wake up and just be there already!)...

Tech Cheer Alumni



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What a wonderful time! It's such a blessing to know no matter distance there are such great women surrounding me. Andrea and I have known one another since college and I am so blessed to have her and all of her close friends as women in my life.