Monday, October 24, 2011

Guns Up for the Raiders, Rangers & Cowboys

The world would be neat if it was just filled with weekends. Weekends are either jam packed with entertainment or they are times to chill out with relaxation. This one was so jam packed I am not sure if it was all just a dream or I had that much fun?

First off, no I did not go to church. I address this because I had this blog all planned out about the church I attended last week. Time just squeezed by and now it makes no sense to write it all out. Basically I went to Lakeside Baptist Church in Dallas where my youth minister growing up preaches. He was so funny and amazing at telling the story. I felt so loved and warm with the congregation. Basically Nick and I have been trying to find somewhere we can "plug into" for three years... it just hasn't happened yet. I don't know if this is the answer to my prayers, but I really enjoyed it. Hey, if I get married or die I sure do need to find a church or my funeral will be held on the side of the road! I'll always be a member of First Baptist Church in Big Spring, but it is not my home and not where I will be married. I don't know if I would be married where Mom's funeral was and most of my friends live this way and the family will travel where I tell them to hahaha!!! Seriously, I want to find a place I can grow and meet others to help me grow... I want to find a place like I had in Tyler as it was such a special place...

Okay... back to the point...

So Friday Nick and I just watched "Scream"... classic! I was scared out of my wits for a bit after it. I love scary movies... though they haunt me.

Saturday we went to work out then met up with Emily and her boyfriend for brunch. Emily and I were born on the same day and grew up in the same neighborhood so we have known one another our entire lives! She is an optometrist in Austin so I sure did get to be tortured with the speech about not sleeping in contacts.

By the time we got home from that and got ready it was time to hit the Rangers game! We rode out there Sara and her brother, Jacob and met up with Emily and Matt. We had really great seats and it sure was enjoyable. The biggest thing I see about baseball is the patriotism. I don't really like baseball, but they put America into everything they do. We met some really neat people sitting on both sides of us. The Rangers lost, but we had a fun time anyway. While we are the game texts were flowing in about Tech beating OU. NO one loses at OU's home! Of course I had to give my stepbrother heck because that is his team. The entire way home we listened to the game then when we got home we were able to watch the last two minutes!!! Such an exciting day. I was so wiped out that I really don't remember falling asleep!!!

So Sunday I didn't make it to church... I slept and slept some more then did laundry, cleaning, all that jazz. Why must we do this on Sundays?! I went over to feed Nick's parents' dogs because they were out of town and played with Shiner in the front yard. It was such a beautiful and perfect day!

Jam packed or chilling out... it sure was a good time.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Simple Autumn

I think it's finally Autumn.

The weekend was unexpected and didn't pan out at all like we planned, but I enjoyed it! Nick and I had planned to go to Lubbock so I'd been making plans with family and friends going to see them... blah blah... well, as I said before Nick's best friend is moving to Australia... so he decided he and his girlfriend would come visit us for the weekend. We changed all of our plans and decided to stay here and do the fair, the Texas OU game, maybe the Rangers game... well, that night as we waited they had a change of plans as well and were not able to come down! So Saturday morning Nick, his mom, a family friend and I all went to the OU vs. Texas game. We had amazing seats. It was fun, but I'm not a fan so I went roaming around the fair. I didn't eat any of the crazy food, but I did stare at some of the fried items. Insanity. I was wearing wool shorts because I thought it was Fall and that is what we do; well, I about melted!

That night I went to Primebar in Uptown with Jana, her boyfriend, Andrea, her boyfriend and Kacie & her husband. Notice no Nick because he needs to focus on the game because he is intense so he went to a place in Plano where the game plays on every screen!!! We had such a good time all just chilling out and enjoying one another. We didn't win, but we played well. The quarterback of A&M, Ryan Tannehill grew up with me in Big Spring. To me is a little kid! I cannot believe he is so grown. I was proud of how he played, but ya know I wanted us to win. We tried to beat the torrential rains home! It rained all night... how glorious.

So Sunday I was ready to rest! Just do nothing. All I did was go to the grocery store. I cooked a bit and Nick came over. We just watched TV and that felt great to me. What a different Sunday than those filled at the pool! Ah well it is such a nice little change!!!

Already starting to Christmas shop in this Autumn weather. I'm doing a lot of crafting gifts this year. Trying to experiment early so I do not mess them up! My stepsister got married and my "sister" of the family got married and inherited two boys so they both added a few to my list!!! I told Stephanie she was getting expensive!!!

That's about it for the weekend. Loving the simplicity.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Go West

After the last few weeks I was truly missing home! I love to go home in the Fall.

Brenda took me out shopping Saturday to the little specialty stores and Academy. I can never find anything Texas Tech here! We also hit the mall up for some good little deals. As we walked through Dillards I had a flashback of growing up as we were always in that store. My mother loved Dillards! For one minute I was a little girl again walking through the mall. When we got back to the house we found Dad working on his motorcycle. Now, they have spent the past few weeks getting their bathroom redone. It is gorgeous! It has this huge super shower and granite countertops. I love it! So they had been working out in the work shed getting ready to put things back in the bedroom, but Dad had to take the opportunity to tune up that motorcycle! The football game played as we walked in the house. Ahhh now that is Fall!

Brenda and I worked hard on cake balls that night. It was a long process and she is much neater than me at decorating. They turned out really yummy!

Sunday we took the motorcycles to this german fest out in St. Lawrence. This is a very tiny town with a famous festival. I rode with Brenda and Dad took his own. It is neat to ride as the wind whips at your face. We rode to Big Spring to pick up Howard and Vicki then made the trek to the festival. It was so neat and so fun to all be together. Everyone there was so kind. I'm not used to this all of the time in Dallas. Everyone chatted and made friends. Here sometimes people try to hard to impress one another. I was having a truly good time. The way back was calm as there is not much to look at, but it was fine with me. It was just so nice to be out riding through the nice weather.

The time always comes to an end much too quickly. I love being with Dad and just talking and also hanging out with Brenda. It's nice to get back though to the grind and grocery shop and torture Nick and all that jazz! We are off to Lubbock next weekend so the adventures never stop. Hey, if I can find any excuse to go to West Texas I am right on it!!! It will always be my home.