Monday, October 10, 2011

Simple Autumn

I think it's finally Autumn.

The weekend was unexpected and didn't pan out at all like we planned, but I enjoyed it! Nick and I had planned to go to Lubbock so I'd been making plans with family and friends going to see them... blah blah... well, as I said before Nick's best friend is moving to Australia... so he decided he and his girlfriend would come visit us for the weekend. We changed all of our plans and decided to stay here and do the fair, the Texas OU game, maybe the Rangers game... well, that night as we waited they had a change of plans as well and were not able to come down! So Saturday morning Nick, his mom, a family friend and I all went to the OU vs. Texas game. We had amazing seats. It was fun, but I'm not a fan so I went roaming around the fair. I didn't eat any of the crazy food, but I did stare at some of the fried items. Insanity. I was wearing wool shorts because I thought it was Fall and that is what we do; well, I about melted!

That night I went to Primebar in Uptown with Jana, her boyfriend, Andrea, her boyfriend and Kacie & her husband. Notice no Nick because he needs to focus on the game because he is intense so he went to a place in Plano where the game plays on every screen!!! We had such a good time all just chilling out and enjoying one another. We didn't win, but we played well. The quarterback of A&M, Ryan Tannehill grew up with me in Big Spring. To me is a little kid! I cannot believe he is so grown. I was proud of how he played, but ya know I wanted us to win. We tried to beat the torrential rains home! It rained all night... how glorious.

So Sunday I was ready to rest! Just do nothing. All I did was go to the grocery store. I cooked a bit and Nick came over. We just watched TV and that felt great to me. What a different Sunday than those filled at the pool! Ah well it is such a nice little change!!!

Already starting to Christmas shop in this Autumn weather. I'm doing a lot of crafting gifts this year. Trying to experiment early so I do not mess them up! My stepsister got married and my "sister" of the family got married and inherited two boys so they both added a few to my list!!! I told Stephanie she was getting expensive!!!

That's about it for the weekend. Loving the simplicity.

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