Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blowing In Like A Lion

This is one of my favorite times in the year as the weather changes and the light seeps in a bit later. The past few weeks have been full of fun and insanity. We never seem to slow down. The good and bad seem to flow together somehow. The good... Chandra came in town and brought Landry to enjoy time with us. Chandra, Hayley and I all took her to the Dallas Aquarium. It was a blast! So good to have my best friend in town. The bad... the same weekend Ina passed away. She was 86 and lived an amazing life. She was like my other grandmother in a sense. I flew home and back in two days. Dad was a pallbearer and Brenda and I sat with the family. To me Ina was just this inspiration of a force that never stopped and just changed the world as she went along. She was always kind to our family. Stephanie and the entire Stewart family is just like family to me. Dad went to stand by Mom's grave at the gravesite. I have been out there so many times. It feels very far away in my heart as I do know she is not there. It's almost surreal to go there because it's a stone and some flowers. It's just strange to me now. It was all emotionally exhausting, but I am glad I got to go honor such a blessed lady.

Last weekend my Dad, Brenda, Steven and his family all came into town. We took the girls to the Perot Museum and just had a ball of a day. Ashley, Brenda and I went shopping and had some girl time. The girls hung on Nick because kids just love him. Those times are the best times in life to me as we are just all together laughing and talking. We didn't take enough pictures, that's for sure. Oops.

Wedding planning is still rolling along. That would take a few blog posts so for now, that's what I'll say! 

Chandra & Landry

Landry, Hayley & Jules

Yep, we made an advertisement in Big Spring!

Dad in his sunglasses
Rylie & Saigers

St. Patricks - Saige & Rylie