Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

The holiday weekend is quickly coming to an end. It was so nice and actually too short.

Saturday we went to Shanna and John's wedding in McKinney. It was a very beautiful outdoor wedding. Nick's entire family was there so it was good to all hang out. Shanna had everything in pink decor. I fell in love with the wedding cake... I took a picture somewhere... hmmm... might need to find it.

Nick has a signature pose during football season so this is sort of a joke... Guns Up... because I get very angry when he ruins my posed pictures with this!!!

Sunday was the first Texas Tech game of the year! Since I am hosting the Red Raider Roadshow we went up to the Addison Alumni Watching party... We interviewed some crazy folks and got some really really good answers. I hope it all turns out well! Tech won... which I wasn't too worried, but Nick was about to flip his lid. He is very serious about football!!!

Today I spent the day entertaining myself by cleaning and getting ready for Fall. I got new patio furniture so I sat outside and chatted on the phone for a while. Nick's mom and I hit up some sales and came out with some good things. She is a true bargain hunter and I sure don't know how she does it! She can find the sale item in a heap of things!!!

Dad and Brenda are still on their two week roadtrip leaving Yellowstone tomorrow headed into Idaho and back down. They are truly enjoying it. I think they've about covered the entire US in their five year marriage!!! They sure do love to travel! We have barely gotten to talk due to cell phone reception so our daily chats might be three minutes!

I'm trying to smile, but one of my best friends might be going to Heaven. I thought about not mentioning it because it is easier to just "not" talk about it and I don't want to seem a gossip that "knows" everything... My friend, Hamilton went to school with me since Gifted and Talented Class in fourth grade... he now lives at one of the properties my company manages... He often comes up to the office and hangs out with me... Well, he was electrocuted on the job with Oncor and is in critical condition. His insides are burned and his face and body have third degree burns... He is having surgery tomorrow, but they are unsure he will pull through. He is one of the nicest guys I have ever met... my gosh... sickens me... I guess at this point all we can do is pray. I remember in high school Hamilton's dad passed away and I remember asking him about the funeral... I said, "So, how was it?" I didn't know what else to say... He taught me a life lesson right there when he gently laughed and told me there was no way it was... it was a funeral... I have a lot of good memories up to this day with him and I just pray for his entire family as they face this storm.

As the weekend comes to a close we get ready for that Fall weather to hit... I guess I'm in the mode already... Let it begin!

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