Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Adams Family Reunion 2009

Family is more of an emotion than a noun. Family can also even be a verb as we know family drives us bananas and makes us do flips, but it also makes us smile and run with happiness towards our loved ones for a long embrace.

D'Layna... My little angel is like my daughter... and a carbon copy of me at age nine!

Last weekend Nick and I made the trek to Brownwood for the Adams Family Reunion. Ever since I was little the reunion is something I look forward to each year. I am a little obsessed with my family. I do not know why other than the fact they treat me as their own and love me with all their heart.

Nick and I ready to take on the Adams Clan


Joe Carl, Dad & Ross talking outside


Gena, Dawson & Caleb

We spent the first few hours just chit chatting … if anyone recalls this year we have had two major deaths in relatives of the Adams family so we’ve already seen one another a few times! Also we laugh that with Facebook and MySpace we wonder why we even have reunions to catch up?!!

So we spent time laughing and talking and eating… then Nick was itching to get out on the lake… The kids ruled the lake and there were only two boats so we swam at the dock and hung out for a while until we got our turn on the boat.


Layna Lou

Water Baby Johnathan

Nick got to try out his new kneeboard and I just chilled in the sunshine. We were going to jetski, but Dad and Brenda seemed to enjoy it way too much and we didn’t get a turn! They love the water, too. After coming in for dinner and chatting more and more Nick and I returned to the lake for a turn for a chance on the water with the sun setting behind us. We were so tired after the entire day that we didn’t even stay to see Bryce and Nolan shoot off fireworks. .. I sat with Donna, Jodi and Gena on the couch for a while, but I couldn’t handle my sleepy eyes for much longer!

The next morning I got up to meet Dad and Brenda for breakfast. They left for an excursion to East US… over to North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, etc… so we had an early breakfast then Nick and I went back out to the house… We got a little bit of lake time and I even got to kneeboard a little. I was so sad to say goodbye to everyone. My babies are growing up! I hugged everyone and waved goodbye.

D'Layna, Johnathan, Jaci, Josh, Joel & William

Hugging Layna Goodbye

It always seems the time flies too quickly. Family is such a powerful emotion that when it is pulled away my heart begins to ache. Some may not understand my love for my family. Some don’t understand that I took my mother’s love for granted and I will never take love for granted again. Family is something that burns deep within us and we cannot fight that love. The Adams family is full of different types of people. The Yale graduate, the farmer, the richest man on the block, the man who wears a Confederate flag on his chest, the fisher, the psychiatrist, the crafter, the one with tattoos, the one with extravagant jewels… somewhere in there is me… somewhere in there is all of us. Family… the best emotion from God.

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Morgan Ash said...

No one loves you like family.