Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Weekend

Summer weekends just make me so very happy! This weekend was jam packed with fun. Friday after work I joined the "Twentysomethings" from The Heights Baptist Church for a cookout and volleyball. I wonder if many people "enjoy" walking into a crowd of strangers! I only knew the director, but I always love meeting new friends so I walked up and began talking with everyone. I had a really great time with some amazing people!!! Nick flew in from Ruidoso late so he wanted to meet me and the guys at Duke's... I wasn't too thrilled about being the only girl, but it was actually a lot of fun and we laughed the entire night.

Saturday I finally got to lay out with my girls! Andrea, Kacie and I met at Raelyn's and made some fun dips and drinks and hit the pool. We had the best time!!! Right now we all live pretty far apart, Andrea is starting her own business and Kacie is adjusting to married life with a stepson so it's hard to find that sunshine time. That night Nick and Matt got Keilly, me and another couple to watch the UFC Fight Night. It was very gross... I don't enjoy it!!! We ended up playing Twister and Outburst until 2 AM... I know I am a bit of a bore, but my gosh, normal people don't stay up that late... on the other hand though... I need to have more fun!!!

This is Keilly's pitbull, Kali... She is my cuddlebug.

The boys won because Nick cheated a lot. He pushed people down...

Jennifer, Keilly, Me... Girls that will actually watch the UFC Fight... with closed eyes.

My church message was about Jonah and the whale. It is ironic as at the pool Andrea was stating the Bible is only 80 percent true because some people think the stories like Jonah are metaphors. I do see where much of the Old Testament could be metaphors, but I also find it strange the stories are rehashed throughout the Bible as being true. Another thing we hit on at the pool was the Mayans stating the world was ending in 2012. We are all Christian women, but this is hard to believe. If we don't know the time or date... how do they... but how did they predict so many other things? God is always teaching me something... I swear... Right now I feel as if He is teaching me assertiveness... I don't really want to get into it, but Thursday God hit me with THREE storms where assertiveness was key. I had to stand up for myself for one of my writings; I had to stand up for myself professionally; I had to stand up for myself in the fact I am naive and believe Jack the Ripper is my friend. It's so hard and God knows it is a huge weakness of mine because I want the world to be happy. I also feel God is teaching me balance. It's hard to hang with all of my girlfriends and hang with Nick's world and hang with my hometown friends... it's a balance. Nick gets on to me for not hanging with my friends enough, but my girlfriends are scattered throughout different crowds and they all have their own lives to balance as well. His friends are all in his world right around him in this area. They have become a part of my world, too... but, I always fight to keep that balance alive.

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