Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rollin Rollin Rollin

It seems I have been away for a bit, but I have really been here! As always I do not want the weekend to end. It has been jam packed and I have loved every minute of it. Friday I went to Nick's parents' house for dinner and we took rides on their new four wheeler through the streets of Lake Highlands! They bought the machine for their home in Ruidoso, but we can have a little fun, can't we?! Nick, Blake, Tony & Geoff all left to meet a friend out in Addison and I was engrossed in the old movie "Con Air" so I stayed until 1 AM at his parents' and locked everything up when I went home!

Saturday I met Nick, Tony C and Tony F at JC's Burger House to eat and then we took them to Henry's Ice Cream in Plano! Two of the best places in the universe. Then I met Justin and we basked in the sun at my pool. I used most of my time calling people and catching up. It was so very peaceful. After Nick bugged me enough to get dressed and in real clothes I met everyone at Matt & Keilly's to watch a movie. I was pretty annoyed the boys played video games for about an hour, but I decided to calm down and just shut up... I don't even remember sleeping last night I was so tired!!!

Today Nick and I went to church, then made lunch, I took a nap, went to watch the guys play basketball in Carrollton, played Slip n' Slide to cool off, cooked dinner for the boys and watched HBO. Whew!!! Nick and I sat outside on the porch watching a storm coming in. It was really neat to hear the thunder and watch it gently raining. I could have sat out there all night... but, HBO was calling my name and I don't get that every day!

Looking back it all seems so perfect and just like summertime should be... I miss my family so I will probably be making a trip home to see them very soon. It just seems time is flying by way too quickly and I'm just trying to enjoy it.

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The Q. Family said...

Fun weekend! Did you watch True Blood, Hung & Entourage?? I live for Sundays because of these 3 shows!! :)