Sunday, August 2, 2009

Duck Duck

Ducks can be domesticated. I learned this Friday night. My good friend, Kathryn brought up the idea of taking our men out instead of the usual way. She surprised her husband with this a few weeks ago. So last week I began planning a date for Friday night. I learned quickly I am glad I am not the guy... man, they have to pay a lot. I had planned to go to Love & War in Plano, but after browsing the menu I decided I don't enjoy steak and I sure don't enjoy $30 a plate... So I shifted and called up some places in Plano with big patios. We ended up at a place called Red's. Nick and I both got dressed up cute and had a date! I think it is very important to keep things like that alive in a relationship. We can often get stuck in a rut of doing the same things... it's fun to make it seem like new again. So the food wasn't that great, but we came out with a pretty small bill. I was proud of myself. Instead of ordering dessert there we went to Braum's and bought ice cream to share at the house! There was a duck outside on the patio. He would literally walk up to you and I tried to pet him... but, he wouldn't let me :(... He lives in the little lake area there and he comes up to entertain the guests! Pretty cool little life. Our friends George & Lanna had a duck named June... but George thinks June flew away.

We heard thunder and quickly rushed outside as if we were watching a movie. Nick's deck has wooden planks on the top covered in ivy so the rain would not hit us. We sat on the swing watching the trees angrily swish back and forth. It teased us for about fifteen minutes so we just rambled about nothing... we even sat in total silence just waiting! It finally hit and the gentle rain didn't stop until Saturday morning!!! Very peaceful!!! Not peaceful when I ran into Target to get my energy drink before work though...

Sometimes we do weird things... I know! I worked with Preston all weekend and we had a blast though... just as a side note. He is still in college and is a sort of intern so I get to hear all about Texas Tech which makes me miss those days so much!!! Nick and I sat on the swings by his house last night talking about it... It seems like life passes so quickly. Here I sit thinking I came to Dallas because it was the social thing to do... but, really as you get older people get married and have their own groups. I'm somewhere in the middle and it's tough. I love my company, but where does my future stand? Nick has new job opportunities here and if he looks into them seriously then we will stay here... then I stop... we?!!! We is a big word. But, as I stress... we would not get married for a few more years before we were totally stable. And I'm less selfish. We talk about he has a for sure job in Lubbock advertising and I could pretty much be on TV there at NBC or Fox. Now, do I want that life again? I desperately miss it... but, what's the pay cut? After his parents move to Ruidoso there is no family here... All my family is in West Texas and I cannot believe with my heart for family that I am far from them. It's so much to think about... but, as I told him... in the past I moved from Abilene to Tyler to Dallas... and it all worked out in its own time. I could see myself in Lubbock because of my family and the opportunities, but I love Dallas and I love the whole environment. I don't think life ever slows down.

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