Monday, September 21, 2009

Being A Rubio

I'm an honorable Mexican.

Seriously. Not because I am tan either.

My next door neighbors growing up are the Rubios. Ben Rubio has four brothers and sisters... I am best friends with his son, Cody... Ben married a white gal named Jessica Patton back in the 70s so Cody and his brother both have beautiful blue eyes and light skin. Now, I am used to conservative Christmas times gathered around the hot cocoa and quiet singing with the piano. After my outings I would venture over to the Rubios at Christmas where the house was busting with laughter and loudness... Such a blast... Guitars blazing, singing, marriache bands!!! Whoooa! And they adopted my entire little family growing up... They don't know Spanish really, but Ben's extended family can show you a good old fashioned Mexican time!!!

This is me with Gabriel, Cousin Jeremy & Cody Shane... Friends for 27 Years

Gabe had been overseas the past year working for the government... He cannot tell us what he does... but, he's some big whig. We all gathered over at Cody & Blair's this weekend for a Homecoming celebration. Gabe and his wife live in Hawaii and we hadn't seen them since my family went on a trip to Hawaii in 2004. We all gathered to watch the UT vs. Tech game and hang out. Ben had been growing out his hair the past year and we had all made fun of him telling him he looked funny, but he refused... The reason? He swore he would not cut it until Gabe returned home safely. So we all went outside and had a ceremony to cut off the ponytail! So fun!!! I looked around and all four of Ben's brothers and sisters were there with their families... Even those from out of state and far away... Blair, Lauren and I were sort of adopted in for the night! They were all laughing and talking... My heart was just filled with warmth. How amazing... God works in great ways...

Gabe, Cody & Gabe's Wife, Heather

Lifelong Friend, Lauren

Ben told me he put flowers on Mom's grave and I lit up. That was so very sweet. Our parents were very close... Cody and his mother found my mother passed on the day she went to Heaven... It took Cody and I three years to breach the subject, but we are pretty open about it today.

The UT vs. Tech game was not so great, but that's okay... There were a lot of Tech alumni at the party so that was great... but, you throw in two UT alumni and it isn't as cool!!! They gave us a lot of heck.

It was fun being a Rubio.

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