Monday, September 28, 2009

Guns Up in Houston

Returning to the real world was certainly tough to do today. Nick and I flew out Friday night to Houston to view the Houston vs. Texas Tech game. We were giddy even before getting on the plane! Once we got in Tony & Katie picked us up from the airport and took us to Mike's house for a party. It was pretty neat. They had it decorated in neat lighting and were playing fun music. The boys played together pretty much while Katie and I chit chatted. See, Katie is SO NEAT. She is from England so I feel as if I am learning a whole new culture when talking with her. I am a total West Texan at heart so it is neat to hear her stories. Nick and Tony are like little kids when they are together... they are brothers, I swear, so we just kind of let them have their fun! Afterwards we went to some hole in the wall bar area and hung out. We sat on the patio and enjoyed the night air.

The day of the game all of us and Mike went to tailgate about 4 PM... It was not cool to say the least... The U of H fans were so mean to us. They threw a football at Nick's head, threw beer on us and cussed at us! It was insane. It made us just want to walk with our heads down! I got to hang out with my sorority sister, Lindsay Keene Brown and her husband so that made me very excited!!! Katie and I left the boys at the game and while walking back to the car were once again cussed at by cars passing by!!! Katie and I got some frozen yogurt and went back to the apartment to watch the game. As we were walking in I saw a guy I recognized... turns out he was the weatherman when I was interning in Lubbock! Jonathan is now on the news in Houston! It was so great to run into him! The game was sad... We lost by one point!!! I don't as much care except the fans were so mean... that was just not cool they won after that. We waited up for the guys until after midnight and then we fell asleep. They were mentally and physically exhausted!


We were sad to leave Tony & Katie. We always have so much fun with them. In the airport I ran into my sorority sister, Sarah Crabb... Love her! I was so excited to see her. Nick and I were running late so we didn't get to chat long though.

It's fun to just get away from the world and forget about cleaning or any other chore on the planet. We had a great time.

I also was sad to find out my friend and sorority sister, Tamara Metcalfe was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. We have been friends since my freshman year of college and I helped guide her into her new reporting gig in Tyler last year. I knew she wouldn't love it because she loves sports much more than news, but she tried it anyway... I am unclear of her next step at this time. She will do treatment and just brush it aside and run with it. She is a true fighter and doesn't slow down for anyone or anything.

Tamara & I - Tyler 2009

And here we are today. Football season is in full swing so after a quick workout I will go to Nick's to watch the Cowboys. Somewhere in the middle I will watch my shows I DVR'ed as well... I'm a couch potato at night. Back to the real world.


Paige said...

And they call us classless clowns. What a disappointing game! I was also so sad to hear about Tamara's diagnosis. She will kick cancer in the ass though, but still what a hard road.

Allison said...

Terrible about Tamara. I hope she will do well with it all. I am sure she will, she seems so strong.

I am still disgusted about the game. Boo.

Megan said...

Ugh, such a bad loss...and it doesn't help that the U of H fans are rude. I heard that from more than one person! Praying for Tamara and her family.

Vandi said...

It was so horrible being in that stadium!!! I still can't believe how they treated Tech fans. My only crime was wearing the shirt!!! Y'all should have tailgated in the "safe" Tech area. It almost felt like a fort and we planted ourselves in the middle!! You are lucky you missed the part afterward when they were screaming the F word in our faces and telling us to "go home". Glad I'm not a violent person or I might have been hauled off! Ha ha....

Sorry to hear about your sorority sister. Poor thing!