Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall Fall Fall - Are you here yet?

All of these “back to school” photos make me nostalgic! Laying in bed not being able to sleep because I am so excited about school starting the next day... ahhh good times!!! I always had that brand new outfit so proud to show it off! Maybe it is because I grew up with my mother being a teacher, but it seems to just run through my blood that once August hits, it is school. In college, it was sorority Rush... so even now my brain thinks in the matter of school time. So to me I guess it's time to pull out the jeans!... Even though we have over 100 in the forecast for next week...

Last weekend I kept very busy. Saturday I drove out to Las Colinas to see Andrea, then over to Plano for a pool party then down to the Bishop Arts District near downtown Dallas for Lauren's baby shower. I was exhausted! The shower was so wonderful. I have known Lauren since we were about six years old. It was great to catch up with everyone! Baby Olivia got some wonderful things, too!!!

Sunday Nick changed my oil for me. Why now? Because he has always told me he would do it, but I always insisted on taking my car places. I finally gave in because he explained his oil was better quality. I was in awe of his master oil skills! I think every little boy should learn to change oil from their dads or their father figures or their older cousins... it's a tradition. My dad learned it from his, etc... I have a big thing with teaching children to be down to earth and never take their means for granted meaning I want my child to learn these things and never be a “city boy.” I will never forget and I share this story with everyone... I knocked something over in Mom's classroom and when she told me to clean it up, I said, “The janitor will do it.” Ohhh man... that was the wrong thing to say. She had me cleaning right then. Another time I told a family friend I didn't like their food, upon saying that, my Dad took my plate and threw it on the lawn. I love these lessons. I might be a brat at times, but my parents instilled in me gratitude and I am very thankful.

Well, even though it's about 90 outside I sure am craving some hot soup! Yep, in my blood it's time for Fall.

Lauren opening gifts


Julie, Britt, Kelly, Hayley
Brenda MADE these for Olivia!!!

This was Brenda's favorite!!! She rocks.

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