Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Nights

This weekend I had the opportunity to host the Texas Tech Student Sendoff sponsored by the Parents Association. I loved having the mic in my hands! It was so much fun. Nick went with me so he got in on the fun. It was interesting to see the young kids about to head to college. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was such a time of freedom and excitement of this whole new world. I don't remember being scared at all. College is amazing... Texas Tech rocks!

Life here is just wonderful as the summer will soon come to an end. The Olympics have been taking up my nights as I watch them while working out. I don't remember being this interested in the Olympics since the 1996 gymnastics team. Life around in the world is just spiraling out of control as I watch it. Sometimes I would like to hide under a rock. Shootings and violence are just crazy. There has been a big deal with Chick-Fil-A vs. gay marriage which isn't really even about chicken, of course... but, it just puts into spotlight more of this group vs. that group. I thought about it when I was praying one night and realized it isn't just about today's world. You know, thousands of years ago even in the Bible class fought against class. Hitler hated the Jews. Whites hated the blacks. There is always something in the world. Nick said he would love to sit and talk with our grandparents and/or their parents as they lived during the time of the World Wars, especially talk to them about what they felt about Hitler and the Jews. It seems so surreal to live during that time, that hatred... and feel helpless. I guess that is how I feel at times. There is just nothing we can do to control the millions in the world, to make everyone love. Sometimes I know I am naive to many things in this world, and sometimes I enjoy that tiny bit of innocence.

Other than the world's craziness... the rest is pretty good. We have really been enjoying time with friends and just living it up. I love summer nights, they are just the best things in the world when shared among friends.

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