Thursday, August 16, 2012

Living It Up My Way

Catching up on life seems important if you think about it. The other day I wanted to know what I was doing the last Olympics so I scrolled through four years of my blog. Yep, there it was! I had just started dating Nick so it chronicled all of our fun – that summer was one of the best times ever. Good times to look back! Let's see...

We had a girl's night this week at Andrea's new place in Las Colinas. Yes, with just about the same girls mentioned in the blog four years ago. Kacie, Jana, Andrea, Raelyn, Kathryn... and a few other gals... even my sorority sister, Summer, who lives around the block from Andrea came!!! So wonderful to catch up with her! We chased around Kacie's two year old, Gavin and just chit-chatted and ate appetizers... seems like the night passed in a flash. It is so important to get together with girlfriends. Many of us are at different places in our lives. Summer has two little girls, Jamie almost has two, Raelyn just got married, one gal just broke up with her boyfriend, then there's Andrea, Jana and I on the cusp of engagement one day.

Last weekend we went to Nikki's birthday party at Oscar's... awesome... You know how much I love the Rubio family. I am an honorary one after growing up next door to them!!! We hung out there until about 2 AM- that is how much fun I have with Cody, Kristy and his entire family. They make me laugh beyond words. I got to talking to Jeremy's girlfriend, Rahma all about her country of Egypt – she is half Armenian as well. I was just astonished to hear about some things there. They put on your ID if you are Christian or Muslim. She comes from a Christian family is fearful for her dad to visit there because he might be killed. It's weird how we think we have come so far... but, hasn't it always been this way? My gosh, to be killed for your religion? Decades ago they were killing Jews... in the Bible they were killing for this or that belief... does it ever stop? I know we hear about it in other countries, but it was weird to hear another Christian speaking about it. She is just amazing, I could have listened to her all night. She knows four languages and their two-year-old son already speaks three!

Always keeping busy. I don't believe we have a free weekend until October!!! Love it!!! I'm going home this weekend to Midland and am very excited to see the family. Chandra just moved into their new house, but sometime when we both have more time and I drive down I will get out there to see it. I dream of my house growing up a lot so it is never forgotten, of course. Everyone knows about my nightmares... ugh, they never cease. Mom was back last week and she had lost a lot of weight, she was wild and trying to run away from us. I don't know why... someone said maybe it is because when I lost her I was a freshman in college and my version of “wild”... which wasn't really wild, but free, I guess. Oh well, it's not so bad, just weird. Yes, Sarah was back, too, a few times, of course, again – she had been hiding and never passed (I figure this is just bc I never saw her body)... Sometimes we are back in high school, sometimes we are just hanging out. With Mom, many times we are at Goliad Middle School in her classroom, this time we were at some random house. (I also think I dreamed this because Monday night “Grimm” premiered and his mother came back from the dead after 20 years of hiding!)... Anyway, when I dreamed about my house, Dad, Brenda and I were there and we hadn't moved out yet, but the new family had moved in and I was very unhappy with their decorating and moving my stuff! Who knows?!!! Not really sure if you can ever “fix” dreams because it is the unconscious mind. It's cool to have Mom back in them. So many things I don't recall or just slip away or maybe I never really knew.

Okay blah blah... living it up!!!

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