Monday, September 8, 2008

Iron Crosses

The weekend flew by as it was stuffed with so much activity.

Friday not too much exciting... we went to Matt's and hung out with Ashton and Donna because they came in town for a concert. Nick had been in Ruidoso all week and he brought me back the most beautiful iron cross. He said, "You love Jesus so I figured you'd love this." Yes, so romantic... right... It is handmade by an Indian, he said... I hung it on my cross wall and I just stare at its beauty. It is so heavy, so pure and so lovely.

Saturday Anna, Kathryn, Andrea and I layed out all day. It felt great. Then Saturday night was Matt's birthday bash. It was a really fun time. There was a small group of us that went to Nick's and just hung out in the backyard enjoying life. It seems simple, but we had a total blast. Those are the most fun times of my life just sitting back and enjoying good friends.

Andrea and I wanted to try the 5 PM church service at Watermark... and we also slept in way too late... so Sunday we layed out all day yet again then attended church. I really enjoyed going at that time. Usually Watermark is so huge that you feel like an ant. This time it was much more intimate. The sermon was on marriage so I didn't really fit it, but I did learn a few things about relationships in general.

Football truly began this weekend so Nick's life revolved around the television. I'm sure I'll get into some games, but it still doesn't feel like football season to me quite yet. It was back to the grind today at work. I had an audition this week to host an Internet show that will be filmed at night. We shall see how it goes. Auditions come and go... Barbara Walters says we are always auditioning.

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