Friday, September 26, 2008

Plano Football

I was a true Texan last night. I joined the bandwagon of attending high school football. I have covered many games when I was in news. I would go every Friday night to get footbal highlights. I loved stepping back into the world of high school. I remember going to every game since I was a little girl. I loved the band's rockout... and then as I got older we would go on dates to games! I had my FIRST KISS with Jordan Partee at a Steer football game in fifth grade! It was such a social event as I never watched the games really! My mother sat across in the stands and would watch me with her binoculars, too!!! Last night we attended the Plano vs. Plano East game with Melissa and Curtis. I wanted to see Melissa's little sister cheer and Nick wanted to watch Plano's team. It was a lot of fun. Plano blew them out of the water! I really enjoyed a good time with good friends. I still don't think anyone can beat the feel of a Big Spring Steer game!!!

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