Saturday, September 20, 2008

My friend has breast cancer. At age 25.

My friend has breast cancer. At age 25.

They caught it early and we believe everything is going to be just fine, but it is such a young age to have breast cancer. Lindsey and Brian just got married in June, too. I see God's work through this already... Lindsey is facing a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy in the upcoming weeks. It sickens me to write. But, she holds steadily to God's hand and uses that strength to pull her through.

We always sort of joke about how Lindsey and Brian were always friends in our crowd of people in Tyler. They suddenly started dating and within three weeks were engaged. We were all in awe. They were married in June. I see now through my questioning how if their relationship didn't progress so quickly they wouldn't be able to deal with this obstacle as a married couple. We just never know God's reasoning... Lindsey is one of the strongest women I have met in my life. She is very blunt, honest and amazing.

I don't understand how a 1.3 centimeter piece of cancer can be found... It just amazes me... It is such an eye opener for all of us just living our lives never thinking we could be the ones with breast cancer. That is such a tiny tumor... with a powerful punch. A punch that will send her in for surgery and weeks of chemo. I really hate cancer. I just want to kill it. It has taken so many people away from me and I just HATE it.

I lift Lindsey up in prayer as I know she is such a strong, Christian woman. All we can do now is wait for God to pull us through.


Kelly and Andrew said...

that's so sad to hear. i will be praying for your friend!

Meegan said...

She will be on the top of my prayer list. That is a horrible thing to go through. Breast cancer runs in my family and I fear I may be a victim, one day, myself. I will be thirty five soon and I think about it alot. My heart goes out to your friend.

Finding Pam said...

Jules, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Our God is a great healer and I will lift her up to Him for all that she needs.

You look marvelous and I am so glad to see your beautiful smiling face. Enjoy life bc we only get one chance and then it's gone.

Thanks for joining my blog as a follower, I am flattered that you visit me. Love and blessings, Pam

The Galindo Family said...

that is so sad. i will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.