Sunday, September 28, 2008

Designer Jeans

I must say it annoys me to just have to buy designer jeans. I will never be the gal that can wear Levis! Maybe I am just a snob, but inexpensive brands don't seem to fit right. I have this thing where I like my jeans to be thin material, very long and also stretchy! Yesterday I went to TJ Maxx because they have a designer section. I walked out with a pair of Seven jeans - still for $100!!! Of course the Paper Denim ones for 50 just didn't work! My friend has this GREAT boutique in Longview called The Denim Lounge where she sells them for as inexpensive as she can - one time I modeled for her in a show so she gave me a pair of Antiks for free!!! My Dad forced me to buy a pair at American Eagle trying to prove a point to me... Well, I hate them. They aren't stretchy and they make me look fat. I am built really weird and I like my jeans to not make me look fat! My good friend put a pair on Craig's List of Rock and Republic for $50 and I quickly scooped them up... I think all my friends should sell me their jeans :)!!! I'm just annoyed that I have to spend so much money for jeans! Why can men go to Wal Mart and be happy and I cannot?!! Oh well... atleast people on the street will think I am rich. My obsession with clothing may be the death of me!

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