Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Texas State Fair

I have truly lived now that I attended the State Fair of Texas! Last night Nick, his parents and I all set out to conquer the Fair. I had all of these envisions of fried smores and corn dogs, but since I have not been feeling too great with allergies nothing seemed to sound very good. I sadly ate a frozen chocolate banana... how boring! We began with the pig races. Those were so much fun. I LOVE pigs... always have! I always swore I would buy me a pig. After that the boys went to look at all of the cars while Dianne and I sat to watch the parade. It was a really neat parade!

The laser light show had some really great music and fire. It was such a nice night to just lay back and watch the fireworks and laser lights. After that Nick said I had to ride the ferris wheel. I have never enjoyed heights, but it was such a neat experience. You could see all of Dallas from way up there.

We only had time to ride one ride, but it was so worth it. I had such a nice time with Nick's parents. They are so neat and sweet. I look at them and see the couple I want to be with my husband after 30 years. They are adorable! Overall... such a good night. Nick says we are going back one more time... YAY... this time I will have fried snowballs or alligator!!!

In other news... Today my company was a sponsor at a CCIM commercial real estate clay shooting event. I actually got to shoot a shotgun! It was so neat! I loved the power behind it, but I was also scared to death. I don't think I will be Sarah Palin anytime soon.

Lindsey had her mastectomy and everything came out clear. She is now looking towards chemo. She is facing this with such a strong heart. I am so blessed to have her as an inspiration in my life.

Chandra is coming in this weekend and I am excited to see her again!

Allergies are eating me alive and I just feel terrible. I know now why I had three allergies shots every week as a child.
That's it. I'm so ready for the weekend!!!

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Pleasant Drive said...

Thank you for your kind words about me. They encouraged me, big time!

I want to go to the fair! Only to eat, though. I don't like all the rides. But, I love all the fried foods. Maybe next year :)

Love ya, Julie!