Thursday, October 30, 2008

Decisions Decisions

Time is ticking for me to make a decision about my weekend plans. I hate decisions. And the weekend will pass and I will feel dumb for even wasting time making decisions.

I can go to Lubbock with the rest of the world for Tech vs. UT. It'd be a very unique experience as it is like a Tech Reunion as so many Raiders are returning... Most of my friends from college will be there. Jana is even flying in from Phoenix. Chandra and her entire group are reuniting. My cousin, Galen has his own little tailgate. Man... oh man... what good times to be had! My worries are sleeping on a couch... or a floor... and not having set plans. This drives me insane.

Or Lauren's trolley party is tomorrow night. I bought a gothic punk rocker outfit. I love to be gothic!!! A bunch of friends from high school are going to downtown Dallas for it. It'd be a blast as well. I've seen most of them lately though... I could stay and go to First Monday Trade Days to Christmas shop knowing I might not find a thing. I could apartment hunt, but I really doubt I will do that with so much football excitement Saturday.

What holds me back with my fears?

Nick is giving me until noon tomorrow to make a decision. He is so pumped about the game. I might not even see him very much as he is actually going to the game, but that's fine with me because I can hop from tailgate to tailgate visiting old friends.

I want God to make my decision. He always knows best.

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The Williams Family said...

Don't be a baby...make a choice and be happy with it. Where ever you choose you will have fun, but you will always feel left out of the other fun you didn't go to, thats life. Plus, do you have money to shop???:) love ya