Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ramble On

My media diva life tonight consists of cooking some weird chicken casserole for my boyfriend then playing tennis. I have played twice this week! My uncle is a tennis professional at Royal Oaks Country Club in Dallas, my mother and grandfather were coaches... so I should have it in my blood!... I played for a few years, but Nick thinks he can beat me. He's had a hard few weeks with the economic crisis so I figured he needed a home cooked meal... well, or maybe I figure he needs me to be nice.

I am so ready to visit home this weekend. I get to see Dad and Brenda's new kitchen! More importantly I get to visit with them! I miss them so much!!! And I get to go to Chandra's engagement party and see all of my Big Spring folks!!! It should be a lot of fun!!! It's weird that Hayley, Tara, Lauren and I are all going "home" - but, our parents don't live there anymore. Big Spring is just a different place than where we grew up. Things change...

I'm tired of the presidential debates. I'm tired of the crazy economy. I just want some things to go right in our political world. I'm one of the least political people I know, but I am getting fed up listening to lies and just leaning on the hope things will get better. Sarah Palin does make me smile though. Tina Fey's impression makes me smile even more.

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Pleasant Drive said...

First of all, you always have the prettiest groups of people in your pictures. Second, I HATE political and economic discussions - BORING!