Friday, October 24, 2008

Pre Weekend

Technically it's tomorrow, but it's still Friday in my book.

I had such a blast tonight. After work on the way home Hayley called me and wanted me to come have a pomegranite martini on her porch. We sat on her porch for a few hours and just talked and laughed. It was a really nice time. Then I go over to get Keele since she is in town for the week and we go sit up at Northpark and have some nachos. We hadn't gotten to catch up in quite a while so we had way too much to talk about! When I took her back to the hotel we chatted with her mother (they are in town because she had breast reduction surgery after a breast cancer scare)... We talked about the olden days of high school and hometown life. She asked me a lot of questions about my dad remarrying and our old house. It was strange to bring up those memories to me.

So needless to say I am very sleepy!

I need to get up bright and early to go apartment hunting. I am tired of paying almost 1,000 k to live in my apartment. Ridiculous. Then all the Tech alumni are going up to BlackFinn to watch the game. I might be late, but I really want to see everyone! Nick and his buddies are camping tonight. I know he will be so tired tomorrow night and going to the engagement party makes me tired even thinking about it. I sure wish he'd just rent a movie and chill out with me, but that boy is the Energizer Bunny.

We figured out flights for me for Thanksgiving to San Antonio and Christmas to Midland. Thank the good Lord. I'm so ready to spend time with my family! It's so very precious. Lately in small things that fit together like tiny pieces of a puzzle I am truly seeing God's work. I could name them one by one, but I just see it. I wish I was the type of Christian that just took everything with blind faith, but I am always seeking more and more... I was just reading a blog of my good friend from Tyler. She began chemo today and in one of the photos her sister in law is standing there in scrubs... she got a temporary job at the chemo place... I believe this is too much to be a coincidence. But... by tomorrow I will somehow forget these small acts of God and keep searching. Blind faith...

Tomorrow afternoon last year at 11 AM is when I got the call Stephanie had the wreck. Around 2 PM I got the call her baby died, but she was still fighting for her life. It's been a year and my, how we have grown. We all have as a family. It has been a tough year. Wow. I told her it's a triumph. I just remember in that instant being eight hours away and feeling the same I felt when Mom passed away. Feeling helpless and hopeless. That feeling haunts me to this day and evermore. I guess we will all feel it in our lives. That's why we have to have blind faith.

Night night.


Pleasant Drive said...

Wow! Busy weekend. You have such a good memory. You remember every detail in the lives of those who are close to your heart! What a gift!

The Creswell Crew said...

how is stephanie doing?