Monday, October 13, 2008

My Little Piece of Heaven

My Little Piece of Heaven

I ventured to Midland and Big Spring to attend Chandra & Michael's engagement party this past weekend. The majority of the weekend was spent spending precious time with Dad watching football and with Brenda cooking in their new kitchen as well.

As I drove into West Texas this weekend the sun was setting gently across the horizon. I felt a wave of warmth sweep over me and I felt like I was home again. I love the city lights and the everchanging opportunities of my life in Dallas, but peace is so often found in the sunset and the bright stars that light up the skies of the life I knew for 23 years.

After a day of football Dad, Brenda and I headed to Big Spring. Poor Dad was deathly ill with allergies, but he has known Chandra since we were in daycare so he sacrificed to be there for her.

The party was beyond imagination for me. I did not have one drink of alcohol, yet felt like I was walking on air with personality and having the time of my life. It was as if old friends and good conversation were my drug that night. Many of our Dallas friends came in. It is funny we all live here and went to hang out in our hometown!

I was standing talking to Lauren and Tara when I turned around to say hello to Chandra's aunt and in walked my dear friend, Heddy and her husband! I was thrilled! Heddy just had two babies... she is living a wonderful life.

We had a heck of a time getting all of the bridesmaids together for a picture! It takes a lot of poses to find one with perfection with eight women!

Overall being there with my best friends and with my family meant the world to me. I was standing in a little piece of my own Heaven.
Blair, Me, Cody

Chandra's Future Sister in Law, Tonia

Dad and Brenda were thrilled to get their kitchen fixed... seven weeks of construction. It is beautiful. I walked in and felt as if I was in a country home. It was just immaculate and spectacular. They beamed with excitement at their creation. Ever since I was little my Dad loved to build things on to our home...well, build as in hire someone skilled in building! He helped make a beautiful master bathroom and a dining room. Always making things better. He is so talented! I didn't really care what it all looked like. I just wanted to be there with my family.

I drove away out of the stars and sunsets, but with a feeling that some day I would find my own sense of peace in my own place to call home. I do rest in the blessings that God gave me in my hometown, my friendships that span decades and my amazing loving family.

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