Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Cold Hits

I hate being cold. The funniest thing though is the fact I have actually been anxiously awaiting colder air. I either enjoy it stifling hot where I can bask in the rays or very cold where I must cover up with many blankets. I do not like the in between. So today it finally turned cold and I am here just staring at it outside the office window. Tonight Nick and I were going to celebrate our six month anniversary by going out to dinner, but truthfully I enjoy just cuddling up inside anyway. We decided we both didn't get to work out last weekend and we didn't really plan well so it might be better to work out then get in a blanket. How exciting we are!!! I cannot understand how I have kept anyone for six months... I know I'm a catch, but I'm also an impossible onion. I find myself hard to understand so God knows everyone else must be confused! Dating is hard. I thought it was supposed to be this fairytale or supposed to be this drama tale, but truthfully it's just life. I don't get a rose every day and I don't slam a door every day. I guess in my mind I had this contorted view. Maybe I watch too much television. If I did get a rose every day I'd get very annoyed and start throwing petals at him. Believe me, I once dated a guy that showered me with gifts. I have all of the gifts, but I thought he was a pansy. Nick says it has taken so many months to dig through my layers. I don't understand why I have so many walls. It might be some weird subconscious thing from losing my mother, but I believe I have been like this forever. My parents had the perfect marriage and I had the perfect life so somewhere in the middle of it I grew onion layers.

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