Monday, November 3, 2008

Raiders Roll

Texas Tech defeats Texas. The news is buzzing across every aura in my life and I constantly hear football chitter chat. I am a bit footballed out at the very moment, but that doesn't stop me from being beyond proud of my Red Raiders.


The entire day was filled with school pride. I never felt much at Tech because I was so absorbed in sorority life, but everywhere you looked there were Techsans. Lines flowed out of eateries and the Spirit Shop. People were screaming and honking waving their Tech flags. It was never about winning to me, but about having that feeling of accomplishment and excitement. As I watched the game and Texas made a comeback I did feel my heart sinking. It wasn't about having that one win to shout, to me it was just about having that pride that UT always throws in our face year after year. We almost won in 2003 and I remember just being so sad as Stephanie and Cohen and I watched it because once again we couldn't shout defeat. It's more of a pride rivalry than the actual numbers to me. When Crabtree caught the final ball to score the touchdown my jaw dropped and I pumped my fist in the air. We had really done it! It was so neat to watch history right in front of your eyes and just see the love pouring out of those young men.
My sorority sister, Jana

My best friend, Chandra

My cousin, Jaclyn

Nick, Brandon, Sara and I made the trek to the game getting in very late on Friday night. I was just happy to have a bed. Saturday was filled with the excitement of tailgating before the game. My cousin, Jaclyn is a junior in high school so I thought it'd be fun if she followed us around for the day to get a dose of Texas Tech. We picked up our other cousin, Josh along the way! We all had such a blast. I cannot tell you how many miles I walked around that campus. I went to so many tailgates and to visit so many friends. The list... Jana, Shannon, Michelle, Kylee, Ashley S, Chandra, Ashley R, Anna, Meredith, Kim, Rachel, Eric, Chelsey, Jon Fong, Blake, Sherman, Galen... the list is too long to name everyone I ran into!!! When Nick and the gang went to stand in line for the game I went back to hang with Jana at the Beta tailgate. No, we weren't partying it up with frat guys per se, but our friend Brandon was there and Jana flew in from Phoenix so we needed some old friend time! Jaclyn, Josh and I fought the crowds to find Chandra and her friends after that. My feet were full of blisters, but it was way too much fun to stop. We finally found them ... on the other side of the stadium. I didn't go to the actual game, but I stayed for a while watching it at my cousin Galen's tailgate party. I was tired of laying on the ground with screaming drunken people after a while so when Jaclyn left she took me to the house! After the game we went out until about 3 AM. Very out of the ordinary for me! It was so much fun though to drive around town and hear everyone honking and screaming. It just felt very surreal and neat. After a lunch at Spankys Sunday we headed home tired, but excited. This was such a wonderful time with old friends, new friends and a piece of history. I thank God for allowing me to have such nice memories of the Texas vs. Tech weekend.

My cousin, Josh
Galen & Jaclyn
My sorority sister, Anna & her sister

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