Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mom's Birthday Remembered

The day is almost over, but I need to post this before bed. Today would have been Mom's 56th birthday. It amazes me she left this earth at age 48. I cannot imagine her today. I know our friendship would be beyond imaginable and life would be a much different journey. I also know God puts people in our lives to deal with our tragedies and our journey is so very sweet because of His grace. Today was not a hard day as Mom hated birthdays anyway. I do believe holidays are evermore hard when you lose a loved one, but the world never stops spinning and changing and turning; thus, life always evolves from death. In memory of Deanna Kay Boles Adams; a hero, a woman that changed the world of every student that walked through her door, a legend.

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Finding Pam... said...

Jules, that was a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to your Mother. Thank you for sharing her story with me.

Blessings, Pam