Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Football Wedding

The weekend has flown by and I am left with happy memories once again.

I went to a wedding unlike any other this weekend. It was a full day event. I have been in, what, nine weddings and I've attended so many I've lost count... so that is saying a lot! Nick, Geoff, Tony and I headed to Southlake to celebrate Josh and Karen's uniting. The wedding was beyond beautiful in this gorgeous Catholic church. After the hour long session we all headed to Karen's parents' house for the layover. We didn't know what to do so we mainly just mingled, nibbled and the boys were extremely happy to find a TV with football... of course. Even the men were hooting and hollering. I was happy when Sara got there so I wasn't the only lady in the middle of men with their football sickness.

The reception was not only beautiful, but so much fun. I was telling Dad today that this family spent a countless amount of money, but the good time was not about the beauty of it all. The best thing about this wedding was the people just made it fun. The dancing was non stop and the energy was so high. We could have been celebrating at the slaughterhouse and it would have been just as wonderful.

Sara's parents

Tech played OSU this weekend and the world thought we would lose. Good thing the boys found a TV at the hotel bar as they spent most of the night sneaking away! Nick was nice enough to stay and eat with me so I wouldn't sit alone at the table... ummm after a bit of a protest he was missing the kickoff! I danced with the groom's brother while he was watching football to entertain myself! The game was surreal. We just killed them. My stepbrother and his wife live in Oklahoma and are die hard fans so I couldn't resist giving them some heck. I don't get crazy about rankings because it plain scares me. I'm just so excited, but I also fear the ending... That's one problem with me... always fearing being too happy because it might disappear... It's just so neat to see people loving your team and see us doing so well. We deserve this after so long. We lived in the shadows and we were always good... we just hadn't had that time to shine.

When I knew we were just killing them I draped Nick's jacket over me and went to sit outside the reception hall for some peace and quiet to just reflect on it all! There was an interesting occurrence which I cannot go into the details, but it was interesting to me. Yes, I am very closed with feelings and deepness... It's funny because I have such a big mouth, but when it comes to issues that truly matter I draw a line, but I still want to share my thoughts.
Kodak moments. That is what the world seems to call them. Moments captured when the flashes of the camera are not flashing. Or maybe when they are... My mind reflects back to some times in my life that are the most precious moments captured in my mind. Tiffany and I crying on a curb outside the sorority house as our tears fell together talking about my mother and her family. Times with my parents on Saturday mornings nestled in between them watching cartoons. Singing loudly to Lesley Gore with my mother in the car. I have so many of these times with my high school friends, my times of reporting, sorority times... gosh... I had one of these times with Nick last night as sometimes when you just take off the masks you see so much into a person. I was hurt; he thought it was over something totally irrelevant to the real problem... and finally when we got down to the bottom of it ... it was one of those moments. It's very hard for me to speak my heart. Maybe it always has been. Maybe it's fear of people leaving for Heaven like my mother. But, for me to open up to any degree in the realm of heart it is like stabbing myself in that artery!

And... to end the great weekend... This morning I went back to the small Baptist church. I don't think it will be my home, but the preacher was really great. I am a bit tired of searching and searching, but God has a plan... as Nick said last night, "Some things are above human control and you can't disrespect that." Blah blah yes he sounds nice, but sometimes the guy drives me totally insane... In all seriousness God will lead me. It's time for bed and for another week at work. It's all in God's hands once again. As I said before... I am scared to death of both happiness and sadness, but always looking up for Him to direct my path.


Laura said...

Julie, my love--I know exactly what you mean by not wanting to be too happy because you're subconsciously waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under you.

Also--on a COMPLETELY different note, your boyfriend totally points at your boobs a lot when he's getting his guns up (I think he's trying to tell us all something!) Go Tech! :) Love you, Jules!

Pleasant Drive said...

Julie, you and Nick are too good looking. You need to get married so you'll fatten up a bit!