Friday, November 28, 2008

Gobbles '08

The house is dark and quiet now as we all unwind from our Thanksgiving festivities. An hour ago children were running around, parents were sharing stories and the television blasted music.

Thanksgiving the past two years is a new chapter for me. Dad and I now celebrate the holiday with Brenda's family in San Antonio. Her brother and his family come in from Austin and we all stay with her other brother. Her entire clan gets together at her aunt's house and we have a big celebration.

I am a Texas Techsan among many Aggies. Enough said there. The food is spectacular, but I enjoy the company the most.

I have two cousins that I just put under my wing. Katelyn is ten... my mini me. She is adorable.

Seva is seven. She is so gentle and sweet.

I let them straighten my hair each morning. They thought life was Heaven. My ear hurts where Seva burned it.

Her bird, Paul, also bit me on the face.

I told Dad today that a few times I thought we needed to call Granny Jac. I kept forgetting she has gone to Heaven. This is our first holiday without her. It's a bit surreal, but all for the best. It's very different to be with another family that is not quite my own, but we are "one" now; it has just taken a while. I do not feel the same comfort I feel with the Adams family, but I do feel the love surrounding me in the room. I called Nick's family and talked to them a few times. They were so excited. His mother is such a hoot.

This morning the whole clan began the day by golfing! I have never played nine holes of golf. Brenda will say I cheated, but she's lying!!! We had such a nice time. My Dad is a big time golfer so it was fun to join his world.

Dad, Jimmy, Jay, Julie

Oops. I hit it in the water.

Then I went to visit Tiffany and JC and their new baby, Hailey. We had such a nice talk. Hailey is just beaming. So beautiful and just like a little pristine doll. I was scared I would drop her. She is going to be another protege!!! I love this kid already.

We tried to shop, but everyone was really sleepy so we all came back to the house to lounge. I'm not ready to go back to my world! This is my world right here!!! Family is the most important thing in the world. I have so much in the world to be thankful for; even when we feel like life is not going our way; something out there is in our favor. I am so very thankful for the blessings God has given me in my friends and family.

I am thankful God has given me Nick as he has changed my life for the better and helped me be a become a better person. I am thankful to have an amazing Dad who just awes me with his wisdom and love every day. I am thankful to have a best friend for over 20 years in Chandra and Stephanie. Yes, I am thankful that I had my own mother for nineteen precious years and thankful to have a stepmother that blesses my life each day as well. Life might not ever be perfect, but my list of blessings help me see my thanks should always be abundantly flowing.

Lights out. Gobble Gobble.


Pleasant Drive said...

So glad you had a wonderful visit with your new family. Just from step-parents' families, I know what it's like to be hurled into a new group of people. It's never quite the same.

Kelly and Andrew said...

what a CUTE little one!!! wow!