Thursday, December 4, 2008

Girl's Night Out

I'm sitting here trying to figure out how I can push as much as possible in the matter of only a few hours. It seems my schedule tends to look like that for the next few weeks... wow, what a blessing to have so many opportunities to be with friends, shop for loved ones, work out to work off the Christmas pie and enjoy the spirit of the holiday season. That said, my push for perfection in gifts may kill me. I just want to make people smile. It's hard to find the perfect gift and not spend millions. My feet hurt from scouring the stores!!! And... I love it!

Last night the girls and I went to Chuys. We have started calling it Working Women's Wednesday and somehow morphed into calling ourselves WWW... fun. Kathryn and I got there early so we just hung out and talked. Finally Kacie, Raelyn, Nikki and Anna came. We had such a nice time. Kacie is getting married next month so we had a lot to talk about when it came to her wedding! Anna is a wedding planner so it was endless! I left there and jotted over to Sarah & Kristen's to borrow a dress for Tara's wedding this weekend. Yes, I attend many weddings! We had fun just laying on Kristen's bed talking. Definitely a girl's night!

It's so cold outside today. Nick said he'd make a fire, but I have a business holiday party tonight then I want to work out... yeah right, I cannot make it in time to enjoy a fire. I yearn for one of those nights where you get a glass of wine, wrap in a blanket and watch television in front of a fire. Heck, even a space heater! I may just have to do that in order to finish all of my Christmas projects! Cards are up next!!! Projects are my favorites because they take time instead of money.

You know what else I learned today... my cousins burned my ear while straightening my hair... no big deal... well, it started bleeding today and was literally dripping blood. I had no idea earlobes had so much blood. My co workers laugh at my wound. I also ran out of mustard for my sandwich so I threw on some ranch that was in the fridge. My tummy began to hurt. I think the ranch is old.

Anyway... so excited for the weekend. Tara's wedding is in this beautiful Catholic church and her reception is at the Old Red Courthouse. Amazing!!! We are going with Nick's entire family so I am thrilled!!! I may freeze to death, but I'm still thrilled. I wonder if I can carry around my space heater?

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Laura said...

You should totally freak your boyfriend out and post your "babies" on here! It would be like "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"!! LOL! Just kidding, I'm sure he's figured out by now that he would be damn lucky to have babies with you! :)