Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I did not disappear from the world of blogging. It's okay... the world can go on. I have been on my deathbed with a killer stomach bug as my first excuse. I have been in Tulsa with my precious family is my second excuse.

The stomach bug decided to attack me the night after Christmas while in Tulsa. We finished eating pizza and I thought my innards might jump out. I threw up a few million times and thought all was done. Nope... two more days of death followed. This means I could not adequately enjoy my family which angers me to the highest degree. Then in the Tulsa Airport on the way back to Dallas I threw up in a trashcan in front of people!!! I'm still very weak, but have been able to eat a little here and there. Now I know I like to diet... but, my gosh... God has a sense of humor.

I do not have pictures from Tulsa because they are on Brenda's camera and she must send them to me. We had a really nice time. My two year old niece, Rylie is a riot and makes me laugh a lot. She now calls me "Jolly" and "JuJu" - I guess that is better than "Dewey." It is so fun to watch children and see how they play. They are always entertained and always ready for something new to begin.

We watched a lot of football and a few movies here and there. I always enjoy going to their church. It is very small, but neat and I like the pastor. I didn't feel well at all so that made me sad I couldn't quite absorb the lesson. It was also great to have some more time with my Dad. We had a good time just chatting here and there.

On our layover to Tulsa Nick came to pick us up and Dad got to meet Dianne and Jim. It was neat. It meant a lot to me for them to get to know one another since I talk about my Dad a lot to them. He enjoyed talking vacationing and the mountains with them. Brenda asked if they would be new best friends... I'm not sure... Dad and Brenda are more coffee and cake people while Dianne and Jim enjoy their wine and pudding! I think they'd all get along. They each are such wonderful people. I wanted Dad to get to know Nick better as well. I never know where things will lead, but it's important for them to know one another and to like one another! Can you imagine if Dad didn't like my man! I just don't choose to find that one out. There is also the stance though when a woman hurt my daddy I wanted to punch her teeth out and rip out her hair.... I'm sure he'd do the same for me!

So today wraps up 2008. Nick is having a big ole party. There are lots of people coming so I am very excited. I feel a lot better which makes me happy... I hope I can make it past midnight! You know, not that I would ever rewind time, but 2007 was not a good year at all really... and surprisingly 2008 gave me a lot of opportunities and blessings. It's been a wonderful year. There have been both the good and the bad, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. There have been milestones and setbacks... but, that comes with the journey. I keep thinking: "New Year, New You." I like myself, but there is some tweaking that I can do in 2009. Small things... and big things... Like finding a church home and being more selfless and becoming less passive... here and there God is always working within me. I guess that makes no need for a real resolution. God will tell us what we need to change and what we need to resolve. That's enough for me to remember!


The Wheelers said...

That is so weird, my cousin was at his in-laws in TULSA on Saturday after Christmas and they all got really sick!! I wonder what was going around that town....

The Newmans said...

Happy 2009 Julie! Wishing you lots of wonderful things in the new year! Glad to hear you are feeling better!